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# This file uses the following encoding: utf-8
"""Grep warnings messages and output HTML tables or warning counts in CSV.
Default is to output warnings in HTML tables grouped by warning severity.
Use option --byproject to output tables grouped by source file projects.
Use option --gencsv to output warning counts in CSV format.
# List of important data structures and functions in this script.
# To parse and keep warning message in the input file:
# severity: classification of message severity
# severity.range [0, 1, ... last_severity_level]
# severity.colors for header background
# severity.column_headers for the warning count table
# severity.headers for warning message tables
# warn_patterns:
# warn_patterns[w]['category'] tool that issued the warning, not used now
# warn_patterns[w]['description'] table heading
# warn_patterns[w]['members'] matched warnings from input
# warn_patterns[w]['option'] compiler flag to control the warning
# warn_patterns[w]['patterns'] regular expressions to match warnings
# warn_patterns[w]['projects'][p] number of warnings of pattern w in p
# warn_patterns[w]['severity'] severity level
# project_list[p][0] project name
# project_list[p][1] regular expression to match a project path
# project_patterns[p] re.compile(project_list[p][1])
# project_names[p] project_list[p][0]
# warning_messages array of each warning message, without source url
# warning_records array of [idx to warn_patterns,
# idx to project_names,
# idx to warning_messages]
# android_root
# platform_version
# target_product
# target_variant
# compile_patterns, parse_input_file
# To emit html page of warning messages:
# flags: --byproject, --url, --separator
# Old stuff for static html components:
# html_script_style: static html scripts and styles
# htmlbig:
# dump_stats, dump_html_prologue, dump_html_epilogue:
# emit_buttons:
# dump_fixed
# sort_warnings:
# emit_stats_by_project:
# all_patterns,
# findproject, classify_warning
# dump_html
# New dynamic HTML page's static JavaScript data:
# Some data are copied from Python to JavaScript, to generate HTML elements.
# FlagURL args.url
# FlagSeparator args.separator
# SeverityColors: severity.colors
# SeverityHeaders: severity.headers
# SeverityColumnHeaders: severity.column_headers
# ProjectNames: project_names, or project_list[*][0]
# WarnPatternsSeverity: warn_patterns[*]['severity']
# WarnPatternsDescription: warn_patterns[*]['description']
# WarnPatternsOption: warn_patterns[*]['option']
# WarningMessages: warning_messages
# Warnings: warning_records
# StatsHeader: warning count table header row
# StatsRows: array of warning count table rows
# New dynamic HTML page's dynamic JavaScript data:
# New dynamic HTML related function to emit data:
# escape_string, strip_escape_string, emit_warning_arrays
# emit_js_data():
import argparse
import csv
import multiprocessing
import os
import re
import signal
import sys
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Convert a build log into HTML')
help='Save CSV warning file to the passed absolute path',
help='Generate a CSV file with number of various warnings',
help='Separate warnings in HTML output by project names',
help='Root URL of an Android source code tree prefixed '
'before files in warnings')
help='Separator between the end of a URL and the line '
'number argument. e.g. #')
help='Number of parallel processes to process warnings')
parser.add_argument(dest='buildlog', metavar='build.log',
help='Path to build.log file')
args = parser.parse_args()
class Severity(object):
"""Severity levels and attributes."""
# numbered by dump order
HIGH = 1
LOW = 3
TIDY = 5
SKIP = 8
range = range(SKIP + 1)
attributes = [
# pylint:disable=bad-whitespace
['fuchsia', 'FixNow', 'Critical warnings, fix me now'],
['red', 'High', 'High severity warnings'],
['orange', 'Medium', 'Medium severity warnings'],
['yellow', 'Low', 'Low severity warnings'],
['hotpink', 'Analyzer', 'Clang-Analyzer warnings'],
['peachpuff', 'Tidy', 'Clang-Tidy warnings'],
['limegreen', 'Harmless', 'Harmless warnings'],
['lightblue', 'Unknown', 'Unknown warnings'],
['grey', 'Unhandled', 'Unhandled warnings']
colors = [a[0] for a in attributes]
column_headers = [a[1] for a in attributes]
headers = [a[2] for a in attributes]
def tidy_warn_pattern(description, pattern):
return {
'category': 'C/C++',
'severity': Severity.TIDY,
'description': 'clang-tidy ' + description,
'patterns': [r'.*: .+\[' + pattern + r'\]$']
def simple_tidy_warn_pattern(description):
return tidy_warn_pattern(description, description)
def group_tidy_warn_pattern(description):
return tidy_warn_pattern(description, description + r'-.+')
warn_patterns = [
# pylint:disable=line-too-long,g-inconsistent-quotes
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer Security warning',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+\[clang-analyzer-security.*\]"]},
{'category': 'make', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'make: overriding commands/ignoring old commands',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: overriding commands for target .+",
r".*: warning: ignoring old commands for target .+"]},
{'category': 'make', 'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'description': 'make: LOCAL_CLANG is false',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: LOCAL_CLANG is set to false"]},
{'category': 'make', 'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'description': 'SDK App using platform shared library',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+ \(.*app:sdk.*\) should not link to .+ \(native:platform\)"]},
{'category': 'make', 'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'description': 'System module linking to a vendor module',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+ \(.+\) should not link to .+ \(partition:.+\)"]},
{'category': 'make', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Invalid SDK/NDK linking',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+ \(.+\) should not link to .+ \(.+\)"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH, 'option': '-Wimplicit-function-declaration',
'description': 'Implicit function declaration',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: implicit declaration of function .+",
r".*: warning: implicitly declaring library function"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip, conflicting types for ...',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: conflicting types for '.+'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH, 'option': '-Wtype-limits',
'description': 'Expression always evaluates to true or false',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: comparison is always .+ due to limited range of data type",
r".*: warning: comparison of unsigned .*expression .+ is always true",
r".*: warning: comparison of unsigned .*expression .+ is always false"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'description': 'Potential leak of memory, bad free, use after free',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Potential leak of memory",
r".*: warning: Potential memory leak",
r".*: warning: Memory allocated by alloca\(\) should not be deallocated",
r".*: warning: Memory allocated by .+ should be deallocated by .+ not .+",
r".*: warning: 'delete' applied to a pointer that was allocated",
r".*: warning: Use of memory after it is freed",
r".*: warning: Argument to .+ is the address of .+ variable",
r".*: warning: Argument to free\(\) is offset by .+ of memory allocated by",
r".*: warning: Attempt to .+ released memory"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'description': 'Use transient memory for control value',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+Using such transient memory for the control value is .*dangerous."]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'description': 'Return address of stack memory',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Address of stack memory .+ returned to caller",
r".*: warning: Address of stack memory .+ will be a dangling reference"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'description': 'Problem with vfork',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: This .+ is prohibited after a successful vfork",
r".*: warning: Call to function '.+' is insecure "]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH, 'option': 'infinite-recursion',
'description': 'Infinite recursion',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: all paths through this function will call itself"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'description': 'Potential buffer overflow',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Size argument is greater than .+ the destination buffer",
r".*: warning: Potential buffer overflow.",
r".*: warning: String copy function overflows destination buffer"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Incompatible pointer types',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type",
r".*: warning: return from incompatible pointer type",
r".*: warning: passing argument [0-9]+ of '.*' from incompatible pointer type",
r".*: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH, 'option': '-fno-builtin',
'description': 'Incompatible declaration of built in function',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function .+"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH, 'option': '-Wincompatible-library-redeclaration',
'description': 'Incompatible redeclaration of library function',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: incompatible redeclaration of library function .+"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'description': 'Null passed as non-null argument',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Null passed to a callee that requires a non-null"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wunused-parameter',
'description': 'Unused parameter',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: unused parameter '.*'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wunused',
'description': 'Unused function, variable or label',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '.+' defined but not used",
r".*: warning: unused function '.+'",
r".*: warning: lambda capture .* is not used",
r".*: warning: private field '.+' is not used",
r".*: warning: unused variable '.+'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wunused-value',
'description': 'Statement with no effect or result unused',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: statement with no effect",
r".*: warning: expression result unused"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wunused-result',
'description': 'Ignoreing return value of function',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: ignoring return value of function .+Wunused-result"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wmissing-field-initializers',
'description': 'Missing initializer',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: missing initializer"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor',
'description': 'Need virtual destructor',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: delete called .* has virtual functions but non-virtual destructor"]},
{'category': 'cont.', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip, near initialization for ...',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \(near initialization for '.+'\)"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wdate-time',
'description': 'Expansion of data or time macro',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: expansion of date or time macro is not reproducible"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wformat',
'description': 'Format string does not match arguments',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: format '.+' expects type '.+', but argument [0-9]+ has type '.+'",
r".*: warning: more '%' conversions than data arguments",
r".*: warning: data argument not used by format string",
r".*: warning: incomplete format specifier",
r".*: warning: unknown conversion type .* in format",
r".*: warning: format .+ expects .+ but argument .+Wformat=",
r".*: warning: field precision should have .+ but argument has .+Wformat",
r".*: warning: format specifies type .+ but the argument has .*type .+Wformat"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wformat-extra-args',
'description': 'Too many arguments for format string',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: too many arguments for format"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Too many arguments in call',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: too many arguments in call to "]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wformat-invalid-specifier',
'description': 'Invalid format specifier',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: invalid .+ specifier '.+'.+format-invalid-specifier"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wsign-compare',
'description': 'Comparison between signed and unsigned',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned",
r".*: warning: comparison of promoted \~unsigned with unsigned",
r".*: warning: signed and unsigned type in conditional expression"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Comparison between enum and non-enum',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: enumeral and non-enumeral type in conditional expression"]},
{'category': 'libpng', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'libpng: zero area',
'patterns': [r".*libpng warning: Ignoring attempt to set cHRM RGB triangle with zero area"]},
{'category': 'aapt', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'aapt: no comment for public symbol',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: No comment for public symbol .+"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wmissing-braces',
'description': 'Missing braces around initializer',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: missing braces around initializer.*"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HARMLESS,
'description': 'No newline at end of file',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: no newline at end of file"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HARMLESS,
'description': 'Missing space after macro name',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: missing whitespace after the macro name"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': '-Wcast-align',
'description': 'Cast increases required alignment',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: cast from .* to .* increases required alignment .*"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wcast-qual',
'description': 'Qualifier discarded',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: passing argument [0-9]+ of '.+' discards qualifiers from pointer target type",
r".*: warning: assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type",
r".*: warning: passing .+ to parameter of type .+ discards qualifiers",
r".*: warning: assigning to .+ from .+ discards qualifiers",
r".*: warning: initializing .+ discards qualifiers .+types-discards-qualifiers",
r".*: warning: return discards qualifiers from pointer target type"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wunknown-attributes',
'description': 'Unknown attribute',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: unknown attribute '.+'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wignored-attributes',
'description': 'Attribute ignored',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '_*packed_*' attribute ignored",
r".*: warning: attribute declaration must precede definition .+ignored-attributes"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wvisibility',
'description': 'Visibility problem',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: declaration of '.+' will not be visible outside of this function"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wattributes',
'description': 'Visibility mismatch',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '.+' declared with greater visibility than the type of its field '.+'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Shift count greater than width of type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: (left|right) shift count >= width of type"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wextern-initializer',
'description': 'extern <foo> is initialized',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '.+' initialized and declared 'extern'",
r".*: warning: 'extern' variable has an initializer"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wold-style-declaration',
'description': 'Old style declaration',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: 'static' is not at beginning of declaration"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wreturn-type',
'description': 'Missing return value',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: control reaches end of non-void function"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wimplicit-int',
'description': 'Implicit int type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: type specifier missing, defaults to 'int'",
r".*: warning: type defaults to 'int' in declaration of '.+'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wmain-return-type',
'description': 'Main function should return int',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: return type of 'main' is not 'int'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wuninitialized',
'description': 'Variable may be used uninitialized',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '.+' may be used uninitialized in this function"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH, 'option': '-Wuninitialized',
'description': 'Variable is used uninitialized',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '.+' is used uninitialized in this function",
r".*: warning: variable '.+' is uninitialized when used here"]},
{'category': 'ld', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-fshort-enums',
'description': 'ld: possible enum size mismatch',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .* uses variable-size enums yet the output is to use 32-bit enums; use of enum values across objects may fail"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wpointer-sign',
'description': 'Pointer targets differ in signedness',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: pointer targets in initialization differ in signedness",
r".*: warning: pointer targets in assignment differ in signedness",
r".*: warning: pointer targets in return differ in signedness",
r".*: warning: pointer targets in passing argument [0-9]+ of '.+' differ in signedness"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wstrict-overflow',
'description': 'Assuming overflow does not occur',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: assuming signed overflow does not occur when assuming that .* is always (true|false)"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wempty-body',
'description': 'Suggest adding braces around empty body',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: suggest braces around empty body in an 'if' statement",
r".*: warning: empty body in an if-statement",
r".*: warning: suggest braces around empty body in an 'else' statement",
r".*: warning: empty body in an else-statement"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wparentheses',
'description': 'Suggest adding parentheses',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: suggest explicit braces to avoid ambiguous 'else'",
r".*: warning: suggest parentheses around arithmetic in operand of '.+'",
r".*: warning: suggest parentheses around comparison in operand of '.+'",
r".*: warning: logical not is only applied to the left hand side of this comparison",
r".*: warning: using the result of an assignment as a condition without parentheses",
r".*: warning: .+ has lower precedence than .+ be evaluated first .+Wparentheses",
r".*: warning: suggest parentheses around '.+?' .+ '.+?'",
r".*: warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Static variable used in non-static inline function',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '.+' is static but used in inline function '.+' which is not static"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wimplicit int',
'description': 'No type or storage class (will default to int)',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: data definition has no type or storage class"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Null pointer',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Dereference of null pointer",
r".*: warning: Called .+ pointer is null",
r".*: warning: Forming reference to null pointer",
r".*: warning: Returning null reference",
r".*: warning: Null pointer passed as an argument to a 'nonnull' parameter",
r".*: warning: .+ results in a null pointer dereference",
r".*: warning: Access to .+ results in a dereference of a null pointer",
r".*: warning: Null pointer argument in"]},
{'category': 'cont.', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip, parameter name (without types) in function declaration',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: parameter names \(without types\) in function declaration"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wstrict-aliasing',
'description': 'Dereferencing <foo> breaks strict aliasing rules',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: dereferencing .* break strict-aliasing rules"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wpointer-to-int-cast',
'description': 'Cast from pointer to integer of different size',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size",
r".*: warning: initialization makes pointer from integer without a cast"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wint-to-pointer-cast',
'description': 'Cast to pointer from integer of different size',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Symbol redefined',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: "".+"" redefined"]},
{'category': 'cont.', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip, ... location of the previous definition',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: this is the location of the previous definition"]},
{'category': 'ld', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'ld: type and size of dynamic symbol are not defined',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: type and size of dynamic symbol `.+' are not defined"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Pointer from integer without cast',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Pointer from integer without cast',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: passing argument [0-9]+ of '.+' makes pointer from integer without a cast"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Integer from pointer without cast',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: assignment makes integer from pointer without a cast"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Integer from pointer without cast',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: passing argument [0-9]+ of '.+' makes integer from pointer without a cast"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Integer from pointer without cast',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: return makes integer from pointer without a cast"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wunknown-pragmas',
'description': 'Ignoring pragma',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: ignoring #pragma .+"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-W#pragma-messages',
'description': 'Pragma warning messages',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+W#pragma-messages"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wclobbered',
'description': 'Variable might be clobbered by longjmp or vfork',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: variable '.+' might be clobbered by 'longjmp' or 'vfork'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wclobbered',
'description': 'Argument might be clobbered by longjmp or vfork',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: argument '.+' might be clobbered by 'longjmp' or 'vfork'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wredundant-decls',
'description': 'Redundant declaration',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: redundant redeclaration of '.+'"]},
{'category': 'cont.', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip, previous declaration ... was here',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: previous declaration of '.+' was here"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wswitch-enum',
'description': 'Enum value not handled in switch',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .*enumeration value.* not handled in switch.+Wswitch"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wuser-defined-warnings',
'description': 'User defined warnings',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .* \[-Wuser-defined-warnings\]$"]},
{'category': 'java', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-encoding',
'description': 'Java: Non-ascii characters used, but ascii encoding specified',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: unmappable character for encoding ascii"]},
{'category': 'java', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Java: Non-varargs call of varargs method with inexact argument type for last parameter',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: non-varargs call of varargs method with inexact argument type for last parameter"]},
{'category': 'java', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Java: Unchecked method invocation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[unchecked\] unchecked method invocation: .+ in class .+"]},
{'category': 'java', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Java: Unchecked conversion',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[unchecked\] unchecked conversion"]},
{'category': 'java', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': '_ used as an identifier',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '_' used as an identifier"]},
{'category': 'java', 'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'description': 'Use of internal proprietary API',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .* is internal proprietary API and may be removed"]},
# Warnings from Javac
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Java: Use of deprecated member',
'patterns': [r'.*: warning: \[deprecation\] .+']},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Java: Unchecked conversion',
'patterns': [r'.*: warning: \[unchecked\] .+']},
# Begin warnings generated by Error Prone
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: @Multibinds is a more efficient and declarative mechanism for ensuring that a set multibinding is present in the graph.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[EmptySetMultibindingContributions\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: Add a private constructor to modules that will not be instantiated by Dagger.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[PrivateConstructorForNoninstantiableModuleTest\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: @Binds is a more efficient and declarative mechanism for delegating a binding.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[UseBinds\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: Field name is CONSTANT CASE, but field is not static and final',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ConstantField\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: Deprecated item is not annotated with @Deprecated',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[DepAnn\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: Prefer \'L\' to \'l\' for the suffix to long literals',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[LongLiteralLowerCaseSuffix\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: C-style array declarations should not be used',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[MixedArrayDimensions\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: Variable declarations should declare only one variable',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[MultiVariableDeclaration\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: Source files should not contain multiple top-level class declarations',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[MultipleTopLevelClasses\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: Package names should match the directory they are declared in',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[PackageLocation\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: Utility classes (only static members) are not designed to be instantiated and should be made noninstantiable with a default constructor.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[PrivateConstructorForUtilityClass\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: Unused imports',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[RemoveUnusedImports\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: Unchecked exceptions do not need to be declared in the method signature.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ThrowsUncheckedException\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: Using static imports for types is unnecessary',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[UnnecessaryStaticImport\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.LOW,
'Java: Wildcard imports, static or otherwise, should not be used',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[WildcardImport\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Subclasses of Fragment must be instantiable via Class#newInstance(): the class must be public, static and have a public nullary constructor',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[FragmentNotInstantiable\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Hardcoded reference to /sdcard',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[HardCodedSdCardPath\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: @AssistedInject and @Inject should not be used on different constructors in the same class.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[AssistedInjectAndInjectOnConstructors\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Constructors on abstract classes are never directly @Injected, only the constructors of their subclasses can be @Inject\'ed.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[InjectOnConstructorOfAbstractClass\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Injection frameworks currently don\'t understand Qualifiers in TYPE PARAMETER or TYPE USE contexts.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[QualifierWithTypeUse\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: This code declares a binding for a common value type without a Qualifier annotation.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[BindingToUnqualifiedCommonType\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: This method is not annotated with @Inject, but it overrides a method that is annotated with Guice will inject this method, and it is recommended to annotate it explicitly.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[OverridesGuiceInjectableMethod\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Double-checked locking on non-volatile fields is unsafe',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[DoubleCheckedLocking\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Enums should always be immutable',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ImmutableEnumChecker\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Writes to static fields should not be guarded by instance locks',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[StaticGuardedByInstance\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Synchronizing on non-final fields is not safe: if the field is ever updated, different threads may end up locking on different objects.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[SynchronizeOnNonFinalField\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Method reference is ambiguous',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[AmbiguousMethodReference\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: A different potential argument is more similar to the name of the parameter than the existing argument; this may be an error',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ArgumentParameterMismatch\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Assertions may be disabled at runtime and do not guarantee that execution will halt here; consider throwing an exception instead',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[AssertFalse\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Classes that implement Annotation must override equals and hashCode. Consider using AutoAnnotation instead of implementing Annotation by hand.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[BadAnnotationImplementation\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Possible sign flip from narrowing conversion',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[BadComparable\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: BigDecimal(double) and BigDecimal.valueOf(double) may lose precision, prefer BigDecimal(String) or BigDecimal(long)',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[BigDecimalLiteralDouble\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: valueOf or autoboxing provides better time and space performance',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[BoxedPrimitiveConstructor\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Mockito cannot mock final classes',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[CannotMockFinalClass\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Inner class is non-static but does not reference enclosing class',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ClassCanBeStatic\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Class.newInstance() bypasses exception checking; prefer getConstructor().newInstance()',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ClassNewInstance\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Implicit use of the platform default charset, which can result in e.g. non-ASCII characters being silently replaced with \'?\' in many environments',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[DefaultCharset\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: This code, which counts elements using a loop, can be replaced by a simpler library method',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ElementsCountedInLoop\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Empty top-level type declaration',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[EmptyTopLevelDeclaration\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Classes that override equals should also override hashCode.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[EqualsHashCode\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: An equality test between objects with incompatible types always returns false',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[EqualsIncompatibleType\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: If you return or throw from a finally, then values returned or thrown from the try-catch block will be ignored. Consider using try-with-resources instead.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[Finally\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Overloads will be ambiguous when passing lambda arguments',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[FunctionalInterfaceClash\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Calling getClass() on an enum may return a subclass of the enum type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[GetClassOnEnum\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: This annotation has incompatible modifiers as specified by its @IncompatibleModifiers annotation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[IncompatibleModifiers\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Please also override int read(byte[], int, int), otherwise multi-byte reads from this input stream are likely to be slow.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[InputStreamSlowMultibyteRead\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Class should not implement both `Iterable` and `Iterator`',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[IterableAndIterator\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Floating-point comparison without error tolerance',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[JUnit3FloatingPointComparisonWithoutDelta\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Test class inherits from JUnit 3\'s TestCase but has JUnit 4 @Test annotations.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[JUnitAmbiguousTestClass\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: The Google Java Style Guide requires switch statements to have an explicit default',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[MissingCasesInEnumSwitch\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Not calling fail() when expecting an exception masks bugs',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[MissingFail\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: method overrides method in supertype; expected @Override',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[MissingOverride\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Compound assignments to bytes, shorts, chars, and floats hide dangerous casts',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[NarrowingCompoundAssignment\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: This update of a volatile variable is non-atomic',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[NonAtomicVolatileUpdate\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Static import of member uses non-canonical name',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[NonCanonicalStaticMemberImport\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: equals method doesn\'t override Object.equals',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[NonOverridingEquals\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Constructors should not be annotated with @Nullable since they cannot return null',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[NullableConstructor\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: @Nullable should not be used for primitive types since they cannot be null',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[NullablePrimitive\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: void-returning methods should not be annotated with @Nullable, since they cannot return null',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[NullableVoid\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Use grouping parenthesis to make the operator precedence explicit',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[OperatorPrecedence\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Preconditions only accepts the %s placeholder in error message strings',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[PreconditionsInvalidPlaceholder\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Passing a primitive array to a varargs method is usually wrong',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[PrimitiveArrayPassedToVarargsMethod\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Protobuf fields cannot be null, so this check is redundant',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ProtoFieldPreconditionsCheckNotNull\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Thrown exception is a subtype of another',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[RedundantThrows\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Comparison using reference equality instead of value equality',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ReferenceEquality\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: This annotation is missing required modifiers as specified by its @RequiredModifiers annotation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[RequiredModifiers\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: A static variable or method should not be accessed from an object instance',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[StaticAccessedFromInstance\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: String comparison using reference equality instead of value equality',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[StringEquality\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Truth Library assert is called on a constant.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[TruthConstantAsserts\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: An object is tested for equality to itself using Truth Libraries.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[TruthSelfEquals\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Declaring a type parameter that is only used in the return type is a misuse of generics: operations on the type parameter are unchecked, it hides unsafe casts at invocations of the method, and it interacts badly with method overload resolution.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[TypeParameterUnusedInFormals\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Unsynchronized method overrides a synchronized method.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[UnsynchronizedOverridesSynchronized\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Non-constant variable missing @Var annotation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[Var\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'Java: Because of spurious wakeups, Object.wait() and Condition.await() must always be called in a loop',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[WaitNotInLoop\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Log tag too long, cannot exceed 23 characters.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[IsLoggableTagLength\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Certain resources in `android.R.string` have names that do not match their content',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[MislabeledAndroidString\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Return value of must be checked',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[RectIntersectReturnValueIgnored\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Static and default methods in interfaces are not allowed in android builds.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[StaticOrDefaultInterfaceMethod\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Incompatible type as argument to Object-accepting Java collections method',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[CollectionIncompatibleType\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: @CompatibleWith\'s value is not a type argument.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[CompatibleWithAnnotationMisuse\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Passing argument to a generic method with an incompatible type.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[IncompatibleArgumentType\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Invalid printf-style format string',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[FormatString\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Invalid format string passed to formatting method.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[FormatStringAnnotation\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: @AssistedInject and @Inject cannot be used on the same constructor.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[AssistedInjectAndInjectOnSameConstructor\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: @AutoFactory and @Inject should not be used in the same type.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[AutoFactoryAtInject\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Injected constructors cannot be optional nor have binding annotations',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[InjectedConstructorAnnotations\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: A scoping annotation\'s Target should include TYPE and METHOD.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[InjectInvalidTargetingOnScopingAnnotation\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Abstract and default methods are not injectable with javax.inject.Inject',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[JavaxInjectOnAbstractMethod\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: @javax.inject.Inject cannot be put on a final field.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[JavaxInjectOnFinalField\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: This class has more than one @Inject-annotated constructor. Please remove the @Inject annotation from all but one of them.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[MoreThanOneInjectableConstructor\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Using more than one qualifier annotation on the same element is not allowed.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[InjectMoreThanOneQualifier\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: A class can be annotated with at most one scope annotation.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[InjectMoreThanOneScopeAnnotationOnClass\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Annotations cannot be both Scope annotations and Qualifier annotations: this causes confusion when trying to use them.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[OverlappingQualifierAndScopeAnnotation\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Qualifier applied to a method that isn\'t a @Provides method. This method won\'t be used for dependency injection',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[QualifierOnMethodWithoutProvides\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Scope annotation on an interface or abstact class is not allowed',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[InjectScopeAnnotationOnInterfaceOrAbstractClass\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Scoping and qualifier annotations must have runtime retention.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[InjectScopeOrQualifierAnnotationRetention\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: `@Multibinds` is the new way to declare multibindings.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[MultibindsInsteadOfMultibindings\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Dagger @Provides methods may not return null unless annotated with @Nullable',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[DaggerProvidesNull\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Scope annotation on implementation class of AssistedInject factory is not allowed',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[GuiceAssistedInjectScoping\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: A constructor cannot have two @Assisted parameters of the same type unless they are disambiguated with named @Assisted annotations.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[GuiceAssistedParameters\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Although Guice allows injecting final fields, doing so is disallowed because the injected value may not be visible to other threads.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[GuiceInjectOnFinalField\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: This method is not annotated with @Inject, but it overrides a method that is annotated with @javax.inject.Inject. The method will not be Injected.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[OverridesJavaxInjectableMethod\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: @Provides methods need to be declared in a Module to have any effect.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ProvidesMethodOutsideOfModule\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Checks for unguarded accesses to fields and methods with @GuardedBy annotations',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[GuardedByChecker\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Invalid @GuardedBy expression',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[GuardedByValidator\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Type declaration annotated with @Immutable is not immutable',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[Immutable\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: This method does not acquire the locks specified by its @LockMethod annotation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[LockMethodChecker\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: This method does not acquire the locks specified by its @UnlockMethod annotation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[UnlockMethod\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: An argument is more similar to a different parameter; the arguments may have been swapped.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ArgumentParameterSwap\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Reference equality used to compare arrays',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ArrayEquals\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: hashcode method on array does not hash array contents',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ArrayHashCode\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Calling toString on an array does not provide useful information',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ArrayToString\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Arrays.asList does not autobox primitive arrays, as one might expect.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ArraysAsListPrimitiveArray\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: AsyncCallable should not return a null Future, only a Future whose result is null.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[AsyncCallableReturnsNull\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: AsyncFunction should not return a null Future, only a Future whose result is null.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[AsyncFunctionReturnsNull\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Shift by an amount that is out of range',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[BadShiftAmount\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: The called constructor accepts a parameter with the same name and type as one of its caller\'s parameters, but its caller doesn\'t pass that parameter to it. It\'s likely that it was intended to.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ChainingConstructorIgnoresParameter\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Ignored return value of method that is annotated with @CheckReturnValue',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[CheckReturnValue\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: The source file name should match the name of the top-level class it contains',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ClassName\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: This comparison method violates the contract',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ComparisonContractViolated\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Comparison to value that is out of range for the compared type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ComparisonOutOfRange\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Non-compile-time constant expression passed to parameter with @CompileTimeConstant type annotation.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[CompileTimeConstant\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Compile-time constant expression overflows',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ConstantOverflow\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Exception created but not thrown',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[DeadException\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Division by integer literal zero',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[DivZero\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Empty statement after if',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[EmptyIf\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: == NaN always returns false; use the isNaN methods instead',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[EqualsNaN\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Method annotated @ForOverride must be protected or package-private and only invoked from declaring class',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ForOverride\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Casting a lambda to this @FunctionalInterface can cause a behavior change from casting to a functional superinterface, which is surprising to users. Prefer decorator methods to this surprising behavior.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[FunctionalInterfaceMethodChanged\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Futures.getChecked requires a checked exception type with a standard constructor.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[FuturesGetCheckedIllegalExceptionType\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Calling getClass() on an annotation may return a proxy class',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[GetClassOnAnnotation\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Calling getClass() on an object of type Class returns the Class object for java.lang.Class; you probably meant to operate on the object directly',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[GetClassOnClass\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: An object is tested for equality to itself using Guava Libraries',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[GuavaSelfEquals\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: contains() is a legacy method that is equivalent to containsValue()',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[HashtableContains\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Writing "a && a", "a || a", "a & a", or "a | a" is equivalent to "a".',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[IdentityBinaryExpression\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Modifying an immutable collection is guaranteed to throw an exception and leave the collection unmodified',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ImmutableModification\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: This method always recurses, and will cause a StackOverflowError',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[InfiniteRecursion\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: A standard cryptographic operation is used in a mode that is prone to vulnerabilities',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[InsecureCryptoUsage\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Invalid syntax used for a regular expression',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[InvalidPatternSyntax\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: The argument to Class#isInstance(Object) should not be a Class',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[IsInstanceOfClass\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: jMock tests must have a @RunWith(JMock.class) annotation, or the Mockery field must have a @Rule JUnit annotation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[JMockTestWithoutRunWithOrRuleAnnotation\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Test method will not be run; please prefix name with "test"',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[JUnit3TestNotRun\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: setUp() method will not be run; Please add a @Before annotation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[JUnit4SetUpNotRun\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: tearDown() method will not be run; Please add an @After annotation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[JUnit4TearDownNotRun\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Test method will not be run; please add @Test annotation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[JUnit4TestNotRun\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Use of "YYYY" (week year) in a date pattern without "ww" (week in year). You probably meant to use "yyyy" (year) instead.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[MisusedWeekYear\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: A bug in Mockito will cause this test to fail at runtime with a ClassCastException',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[MockitoCast\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Missing method call for verify(mock) here',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[MockitoUsage\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Using a collection function with itself as the argument.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ModifyingCollectionWithItself\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: @NoAllocation was specified on this method, but something was found that would trigger an allocation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[NoAllocation\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Static import of type uses non-canonical name',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[NonCanonicalStaticImport\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: @CompileTimeConstant parameters should be final or effectively final',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[NonFinalCompileTimeConstant\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Calling getAnnotation on an annotation that is not retained at runtime.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[NonRuntimeAnnotation\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Numeric comparison using reference equality instead of value equality',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[NumericEquality\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Comparison using reference equality instead of value equality',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[OptionalEquality\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Varargs doesn\'t agree for overridden method',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[Overrides\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Declaring types inside files is very bad form',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[PackageInfo\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Literal passed as first argument to Preconditions.checkNotNull() can never be null',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[PreconditionsCheckNotNull\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: First argument to `Preconditions.checkNotNull()` is a primitive rather than an object reference',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[PreconditionsCheckNotNullPrimitive\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Protobuf fields cannot be null',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ProtoFieldNullComparison\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Comparing protobuf fields of type String using reference equality',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ProtoStringFieldReferenceEquality\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Use Random.nextInt(int). Random.nextInt() % n can have negative results',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[RandomModInteger\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Check for non-whitelisted callers to RestrictedApiChecker.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[RestrictedApiChecker\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Return value of this method must be used',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ReturnValueIgnored\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Variable assigned to itself',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[SelfAssignment\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: An object is compared to itself',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[SelfComparison\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Variable compared to itself',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[SelfEquality\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: An object is tested for equality to itself',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[SelfEquals\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Comparison of a size >= 0 is always true, did you intend to check for non-emptiness?',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[SizeGreaterThanOrEqualsZero\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Calling toString on a Stream does not provide useful information',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[StreamToString\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: StringBuilder does not have a char constructor; this invokes the int constructor.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[StringBuilderInitWithChar\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Suppressing "deprecated" is probably a typo for "deprecation"',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[SuppressWarningsDeprecated\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: throwIfUnchecked(knownCheckedException) is a no-op.',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ThrowIfUncheckedKnownChecked\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Catching Throwable/Error masks failures from fail() or assert*() in the try block',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[TryFailThrowable\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Type parameter used as type qualifier',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[TypeParameterQualifier\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Non-generic methods should not be invoked with type arguments',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[UnnecessaryTypeArgument\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Instance created but never used',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[UnusedAnonymousClass\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Collection is modified in place, but the result is not used',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[UnusedCollectionModifiedInPlace\] .+"]},
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.HIGH,
'Java: Method parameter has wrong package',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[ParameterPackage\] .+"]},
# End warnings generated by Error Prone
{'category': 'java',
'severity': Severity.UNKNOWN,
'description': 'Java: Unclassified/unrecognized warnings',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \[.+\] .+"]},
{'category': 'aapt', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'aapt: No default translation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: string '.+' has no default translation in .*"]},
{'category': 'aapt', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'aapt: Missing default or required localization',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: \*\*\*\* string '.+' has no default or required localization for '.+' in .+"]},
{'category': 'aapt', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'aapt: String marked untranslatable, but translation exists',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: string '.+' in .* marked untranslatable but exists in locale '??_??'"]},
{'category': 'aapt', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'aapt: empty span in string',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: empty '.+' span found in text '.+"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Taking address of temporary',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: taking address of temporary"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Taking address of packed member',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: taking address of packed member"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Possible broken line continuation',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: backslash and newline separated by space"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wundefined-var-template',
'description': 'Undefined variable template',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: instantiation of variable .* no definition is available"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wundefined-inline',
'description': 'Inline function is not defined',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: inline function '.*' is not defined"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Warray-bounds',
'description': 'Array subscript out of bounds',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: array subscript is above array bounds",
r".*: warning: Array subscript is undefined",
r".*: warning: array subscript is below array bounds"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Excess elements in initializer',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: excess elements in .+ initializer"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C90',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C90"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wmain',
'description': 'main is usually a function',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: 'main' is usually a function"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Typedef ignored',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: 'typedef' was ignored in this declaration"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH, 'option': '-Waddress',
'description': 'Address always evaluates to true',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: the address of '.+' will always evaluate as 'true'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.FIXMENOW,
'description': 'Freeing a non-heap object',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: attempt to free a non-heap object '.+'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wchar-subscripts',
'description': 'Array subscript has type char',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: array subscript .+ type 'char'.+Wchar-subscripts"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Constant too large for type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: integer constant is too large for '.+' type"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Woverflow',
'description': 'Constant too large for type, truncated',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: large integer implicitly truncated to unsigned type"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Winteger-overflow',
'description': 'Overflow in expression',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: overflow in expression; .*Winteger-overflow"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Woverflow',
'description': 'Overflow in implicit constant conversion',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: overflow in implicit constant conversion"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Declaration does not declare anything',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: declaration 'class .+' does not declare anything"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wreorder',
'description': 'Initialization order will be different',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '.+' will be initialized after",
r".*: warning: field .+ will be initialized after .+Wreorder"]},
{'category': 'cont.', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip, ....',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '.+'"]},
{'category': 'cont.', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip, base ...',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: base '.+'"]},
{'category': 'cont.', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip, when initialized here',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: when initialized here"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wmissing-parameter-type',
'description': 'Parameter type not specified',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: type of '.+' defaults to 'int'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wmissing-declarations',
'description': 'Missing declarations',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: declaration does not declare anything"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wmissing-noreturn',
'description': 'Missing noreturn',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: function '.*' could be declared with attribute 'noreturn'"]},
# pylint:disable=anomalous-backslash-in-string
# TODO(chh): fix the backslash pylint warning.
{'category': 'gcc', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Invalid option for C file',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: command line option "".+"" is valid for C\+\+\/ObjC\+\+ but not for C"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'User warning',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: #warning "".+"""]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wvexing-parse',
'description': 'Vexing parsing problem',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: empty parentheses interpreted as a function declaration"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wextra',
'description': 'Dereferencing void*',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: dereferencing 'void \*' pointer"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Comparison of pointer and integer',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: ordered comparison of pointer with integer zero",
r".*: warning: .*comparison between pointer and integer"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Use of error-prone unary operator',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: use of unary operator that may be intended as compound assignment"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wwrite-strings',
'description': 'Conversion of string constant to non-const char*',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to '.+'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wstrict-prototypes',
'description': 'Function declaration isn''t a prototype',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: function declaration isn't a prototype"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wignored-qualifiers',
'description': 'Type qualifiers ignored on function return value',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: type qualifiers ignored on function return type",
r".*: warning: .+ type qualifier .+ has no effect .+Wignored-qualifiers"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': '<foo> declared inside parameter list, scope limited to this definition',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '.+' declared inside parameter list"]},
{'category': 'cont.', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip, its scope is only this ...',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: its scope is only this definition or declaration, which is probably not what you want"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': '-Wcomment',
'description': 'Line continuation inside comment',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: multi-line comment"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': '-Wcomment',
'description': 'Comment inside comment',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: "".+"" within comment"]},
# Warning "value stored is never read" could be from clang-tidy or clang static analyzer.
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer Value stored is never read',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Value stored to .+ is never read.*clang-analyzer-deadcode.DeadStores"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW,
'description': 'Value stored is never read',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Value stored to .+ is never read"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': '-Wdeprecated-declarations',
'description': 'Deprecated declarations',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+ is deprecated.+deprecated-declarations"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': '-Wdeprecated-register',
'description': 'Deprecated register',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: 'register' storage class specifier is deprecated"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': '-Wpointer-sign',
'description': 'Converts between pointers to integer types with different sign',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+ converts between pointers to integer types with different sign"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HARMLESS,
'description': 'Extra tokens after #endif',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: extra tokens at end of #endif directive"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wenum-compare',
'description': 'Comparison between different enums',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: comparison between '.+' and '.+'.+Wenum-compare"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wconversion',
'description': 'Conversion may change value',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: converting negative value '.+' to '.+'",
r".*: warning: conversion to '.+' .+ may (alter|change)"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wconversion-null',
'description': 'Converting to non-pointer type from NULL',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: converting to non-pointer type '.+' from NULL"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wsign-conversion',
'description': 'Implicit sign conversion',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: implicit conversion changes signedness"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wnull-conversion',
'description': 'Converting NULL to non-pointer type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: implicit conversion of NULL constant to '.+'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wnon-literal-null-conversion',
'description': 'Zero used as null pointer',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: expression .* zero treated as a null pointer constant"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Implicit conversion changes value',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: implicit conversion .* changes value from .* to .*-conversion"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Passing NULL as non-pointer argument',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: passing NULL to non-pointer argument [0-9]+ of '.+'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wctor-dtor-privacy',
'description': 'Class seems unusable because of private ctor/dtor',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: all member functions in class '.+' are private"]},
# skip this next one, because it only points out some RefBase-based classes where having a private destructor is perfectly fine
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.SKIP, 'option': '-Wctor-dtor-privacy',
'description': 'Class seems unusable because of private ctor/dtor',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: 'class .+' only defines a private destructor and has no friends"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wctor-dtor-privacy',
'description': 'Class seems unusable because of private ctor/dtor',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: 'class .+' only defines private constructors and has no friends"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wgnu-static-float-init',
'description': 'In-class initializer for static const float/double',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: in-class initializer for static data member of .+const (float|double)"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wpointer-arith',
'description': 'void* used in arithmetic',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: pointer of type 'void \*' used in (arithmetic|subtraction)",
r".*: warning: arithmetic on .+ to void is a GNU extension.*Wpointer-arith",
r".*: warning: wrong type argument to increment"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wsign-promo',
'description': 'Overload resolution chose to promote from unsigned or enum to signed type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: passing '.+' chooses '.+' over '.+'.*Wsign-promo"]},
{'category': 'cont.', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip, in call to ...',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: in call to '.+'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HIGH, 'option': '-Wextra',
'description': 'Base should be explicitly initialized in copy constructor',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: base class '.+' should be explicitly initialized in the copy constructor"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'VLA has zero or negative size',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Declared variable-length array \(VLA\) has .+ size"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Return value from void function',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: 'return' with a value, in function returning void"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': 'multichar',
'description': 'Multi-character character constant',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: multi-character character constant"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': 'writable-strings',
'description': 'Conversion from string literal to char*',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+ does not allow conversion from string literal to 'char \*'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': '-Wextra-semi',
'description': 'Extra \';\'',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: extra ';' .+extra-semi"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW,
'description': 'Useless specifier',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: useless storage class specifier in empty declaration"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': '-Wduplicate-decl-specifier',
'description': 'Duplicate declaration specifier',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: duplicate '.+' declaration specifier"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW,
'description': 'Duplicate logtag',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: tag \".+\" \(.+\) duplicated in .+"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'typedef-redefinition',
'description': 'Typedef redefinition',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: redefinition of typedef '.+' is a C11 feature"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'gnu-designator',
'description': 'GNU old-style field designator',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: use of GNU old-style field designator extension"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'missing-field-initializers',
'description': 'Missing field initializers',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: missing field '.+' initializer"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'missing-braces',
'description': 'Missing braces',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: suggest braces around initialization of",
r".*: warning: too many braces around scalar initializer .+Wmany-braces-around-scalar-init",
r".*: warning: braces around scalar initializer"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'sign-compare',
'description': 'Comparison of integers of different signs',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: comparison of integers of different signs.+sign-compare"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'dangling-else',
'description': 'Add braces to avoid dangling else',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: add explicit braces to avoid dangling else"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'initializer-overrides',
'description': 'Initializer overrides prior initialization',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: initializer overrides prior initialization of this subobject"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'self-assign',
'description': 'Assigning value to self',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: explicitly assigning value of .+ to itself"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'gnu-variable-sized-type-not-at-end',
'description': 'GNU extension, variable sized type not at end',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: field '.+' with variable sized type '.+' not at the end of a struct or class"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'tautological-constant-out-of-range-compare',
'description': 'Comparison of constant is always false/true',
'patterns': [r".*: comparison of .+ is always .+Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'overloaded-virtual',
'description': 'Hides overloaded virtual function',
'patterns': [r".*: '.+' hides overloaded virtual function"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'incompatible-pointer-types',
'description': 'Incompatible pointer types',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: incompatible pointer types .+Wincompatible-pointer-types"]},
{'category': 'logtags', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'asm-operand-widths',
'description': 'ASM value size does not match register size',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: value size does not match register size specified by the constraint and modifier"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'tautological-compare',
'description': 'Comparison of self is always false',
'patterns': [r".*: self-comparison always evaluates to false"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'constant-logical-operand',
'description': 'Logical op with constant operand',
'patterns': [r".*: use of logical '.+' with constant operand"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'literal-suffix',
'description': 'Needs a space between literal and string macro',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: invalid suffix on literal.+ requires a space .+Wliteral-suffix"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': '#warnings',
'description': 'Warnings from #warning',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+-W#warnings"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': 'absolute-value',
'description': 'Using float/int absolute value function with int/float argument',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: using .+ absolute value function .+ when argument is .+ type .+Wabsolute-value",
r".*: warning: absolute value function '.+' given .+ which may cause truncation .+Wabsolute-value"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': '-Wc++11-extensions',
'description': 'Using C++11 extensions',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: 'auto' type specifier is a C\+\+11 extension"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW,
'description': 'Refers to implicitly defined namespace',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: using directive refers to implicitly-defined namespace .+"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.LOW, 'option': '-Winvalid-pp-token',
'description': 'Invalid pp token',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: missing .+Winvalid-pp-token"]},
{'category': 'link', 'severity': Severity.LOW,
'description': 'need glibc to link',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .* requires at runtime .* glibc .* for linking"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Operator new returns NULL',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: 'operator new' must not return NULL unless it is declared 'throw\(\)' .+"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wnull-arithmetic',
'description': 'NULL used in arithmetic',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: NULL used in arithmetic",
r".*: warning: comparison between NULL and non-pointer"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': 'header-guard',
'description': 'Misspelled header guard',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '.+' is used as a header guard .+ followed by .+ different macro"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': 'empty-body',
'description': 'Empty loop body',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+ loop has empty body"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': 'enum-conversion',
'description': 'Implicit conversion from enumeration type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: implicit conversion from enumeration type '.+'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': 'switch',
'description': 'case value not in enumerated type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: case value not in enumerated type '.+'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Undefined result',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: The result of .+ is undefined",
r".*: warning: passing an object that .+ has undefined behavior \[-Wvarargs\]",
r".*: warning: 'this' pointer cannot be null in well-defined C\+\+ code;",
r".*: warning: shifting a negative signed value is undefined"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Division by zero',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Division by zero"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Use of deprecated method',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '.+' is deprecated .+"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Use of garbage or uninitialized value',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+ is a garbage value",
r".*: warning: Function call argument is an uninitialized value",
r".*: warning: Undefined or garbage value returned to caller",
r".*: warning: Called .+ pointer is.+uninitialized",
r".*: warning: Called .+ pointer is.+uninitalized", # match a typo in compiler message
r".*: warning: Use of zero-allocated memory",
r".*: warning: Dereference of undefined pointer value",
r".*: warning: Passed-by-value .+ contains uninitialized data",
r".*: warning: Branch condition evaluates to a garbage value",
r".*: warning: The .+ of .+ is an uninitialized value.",
r".*: warning: .+ is used uninitialized whenever .+sometimes-uninitialized",
r".*: warning: Assigned value is garbage or undefined"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Result of malloc type incompatible with sizeof operand type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Result of '.+' is converted to .+ incompatible with sizeof operand type"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wsizeof-array-argument',
'description': 'Sizeof on array argument',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: sizeof on array function parameter will return"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wsizeof-pointer-memacces',
'description': 'Bad argument size of memory access functions',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+\[-Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess\]"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Return value not checked',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: The return value from .+ is not checked"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Possible heap pollution',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .*Possible heap pollution from .+ type .+"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Allocation size of 0 byte',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Call to .+ has an allocation size of 0 byte"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Result of malloc type incompatible with sizeof operand type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Result of '.+' is converted to .+ incompatible with sizeof operand type"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wfor-loop-analysis',
'description': 'Variable used in loop condition not modified in loop body',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: variable '.+' used in loop condition.*Wfor-loop-analysis"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM,
'description': 'Closing a previously closed file',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Closing a previously closed file"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.MEDIUM, 'option': '-Wunnamed-type-template-args',
'description': 'Unnamed template type argument',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: template argument.+Wunnamed-type-template-args"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HARMLESS,
'description': 'Discarded qualifier from pointer target type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+ discards '.+' qualifier from pointer target type"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HARMLESS,
'description': 'Use snprintf instead of sprintf',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .*sprintf is often misused; please use snprintf"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HARMLESS,
'description': 'Unsupported optimizaton flag',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: optimization flag '.+' is not supported"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HARMLESS,
'description': 'Extra or missing parentheses',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: equality comparison with extraneous parentheses",
r".*: warning: .+ within .+Wlogical-op-parentheses"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.HARMLESS, 'option': 'mismatched-tags',
'description': 'Mismatched class vs struct tags',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: '.+' defined as a .+ here but previously declared as a .+mismatched-tags",
r".*: warning: .+ was previously declared as a .+mismatched-tags"]},
{'category': 'FindEmulator', 'severity': Severity.HARMLESS,
'description': 'FindEmulator: No such file or directory',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: FindEmulator: .* No such file or directory"]},
{'category': 'google_tests', 'severity': Severity.HARMLESS,
'description': 'google_tests: unknown installed file',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .*_tests: Unknown installed file for module"]},
{'category': 'make', 'severity': Severity.HARMLESS,
'description': 'unusual tags debug eng',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .*: unusual tags debug eng"]},
# these next ones are to deal with formatting problems resulting from the log being mixed up by 'make -j'
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip, ,',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: ,$"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip,',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: $"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.SKIP,
'description': 'skip, In file included from ...',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: In file included from .+,"]},
# warnings from clang-tidy
# warnings from clang-tidy's clang-analyzer checks
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer Unreachable code',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: This statement is never executed.*UnreachableCode"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer Size of malloc may overflow',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .* size of .* may overflow .*MallocOverflow"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer Stream pointer might be NULL',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Stream pointer might be NULL .*unix.Stream"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer Opened file never closed',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Opened File never closed.*unix.Stream"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer sozeof() on a pointer type',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .*calls sizeof.* on a pointer type.*SizeofPtr"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer Pointer arithmetic on non-array variables',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Pointer arithmetic on non-array variables .*PointerArithm"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer Subtraction of pointers of different memory chunks',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Subtraction of two pointers .*PointerSub"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer Access out-of-bound array element',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Access out-of-bound array element .*ArrayBound"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer Out of bound memory access',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Out of bound memory access .*ArrayBoundV2"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer Possible lock order reversal',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .* Possible lock order reversal.*PthreadLock"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer Argument is a pointer to uninitialized value',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .* argument is a pointer to uninitialized value .*CallAndMessage"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer cast to struct',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Casting a non-structure type to a structure type .*CastToStruct"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer call path problems',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Call Path : .+"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer excessive padding',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: Excessive padding in '.*'"]},
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.ANALYZER,
'description': 'clang-analyzer other',
'patterns': [r".*: .+\[clang-analyzer-.+\]$",
r".*: Call Path : .+$"]},
# catch-all for warnings this script doesn't know about yet
{'category': 'C/C++', 'severity': Severity.UNKNOWN,
'description': 'Unclassified/unrecognized warnings',
'patterns': [r".*: warning: .+"]},
def project_name_and_pattern(name, pattern):
return [name, '(^|.*/)' + pattern + '/.*: warning:']
def simple_project_pattern(pattern):
return project_name_and_pattern(pattern, pattern)
# A list of [project_name, file_path_pattern].
# project_name should not contain comma, to be used in CSV output.
project_list = [
# match external/google* before external/
project_name_and_pattern('external/google', 'external/google.*'),
project_name_and_pattern('external/non-google', 'external'),
project_name_and_pattern('frameworks/av/Other', 'frameworks/av'),
project_name_and_pattern('frameworks/base/Other', 'frameworks/base'),
project_name_and_pattern('frameworks/compile/Other', 'frameworks/compile'),
project_name_and_pattern('frameworks/native/Other', 'frameworks/native'),
project_name_and_pattern('frameworks/Other', 'frameworks'),
project_name_and_pattern('hardware/Other', 'hardware'),
# match vendor/unbungled_google/packages before other packages
project_name_and_pattern('system/core/Other', 'system/core'),
project_name_and_pattern('system/extras/Other', 'system/extras'),
project_name_and_pattern('system/Other', 'system'),
# match vendor/google* before vendor/
project_name_and_pattern('vendor/google', 'vendor/google.*'),
project_name_and_pattern('vendor/non-google', 'vendor'),
# keep out/obj and other patterns at the end.
['other', '.*'] # all other unrecognized patterns
project_patterns = []
project_names = []
warning_messages = []
warning_records = []
def initialize_arrays():
"""Complete global arrays before they are used."""
global project_names, project_patterns
project_names = [p[0] for p in project_list]
project_patterns = [re.compile(p[1]) for p in project_list]
for w in warn_patterns:
w['members'] = []
if 'option' not in w:
w['option'] = ''
# Each warning pattern has a 'projects' dictionary, that
# maps a project name to number of warnings in that project.
w['projects'] = {}
android_root = ''
platform_version = 'unknown'
target_product = 'unknown'
target_variant = 'unknown'
##### Data and functions to dump html file. ##################################
html_head_scripts = """\
<script type="text/javascript">
function expand(id) {
var e = document.getElementById(id);
var f = document.getElementById(id + "_mark");
if ( == 'block') { = 'none';
f.innerHTML = '&#x2295';
else { = 'block';
f.innerHTML = '&#x2296';
function expandCollapse(show) {
for (var id = 1; ; id++) {
var e = document.getElementById(id + "");
var f = document.getElementById(id + "_mark");
if (!e || !f) break; = (show ? 'block' : 'none');
f.innerHTML = (show ? '&#x2296' : '&#x2295');
<style type="text/css">
th,td{border-collapse:collapse; border:1px solid black;}
.t1{border-collapse:collapse; width:100%; border:1px solid black;}
<script src=""></script>
def html_big(param):
return '<font size="+2">' + param + '</font>'
def dump_html_prologue(title):
print '<html>\n<head>'
print '<title>' + title + '</title>'
print html_head_scripts
print '</head>\n<body>'
print html_big(title)
print '<p>'
def dump_html_epilogue():
print '</body>\n</head>\n</html>'
def sort_warnings():
for i in warn_patterns:
i['members'] = sorted(set(i['members']))
def emit_stats_by_project():
"""Dump a google chart table of warnings per project and severity."""
# warnings[p][s] is number of warnings in project p of severity s.
warnings = {p: {s: 0 for s in Severity.range} for p in project_names}
for i in warn_patterns:
s = i['severity']
for p in i['projects']:
warnings[p][s] += i['projects'][p]
# total_by_project[p] is number of warnings in project p.
total_by_project = {p: sum(warnings[p][s] for s in Severity.range)
for p in project_names}
# total_by_severity[s] is number of warnings of severity s.
total_by_severity = {s: sum(warnings[p][s] for p in project_names)
for s in Severity.range}
# emit table header
stats_header = ['Project']
for s in Severity.range:
if total_by_severity[s]:
stats_header.append("<span style='background-color:{}'>{}</span>".
# emit a row of warning counts per project, skip no-warning projects
total_all_projects = 0
stats_rows = []
for p in project_names:
if total_by_project[p]:
one_row = [p]
for s in Severity.range:
if total_by_severity[s]:
total_all_projects += total_by_project[p]
# emit a row of warning counts per severity
total_all_severities = 0
one_row = ['<b>TOTAL</b>']
for s in Severity.range:
if total_by_severity[s]:
total_all_severities += total_by_severity[s]
print '<script>'
emit_const_string_array('StatsHeader', stats_header)
emit_const_object_array('StatsRows', stats_rows)
print draw_table_javascript
print '</script>'
def dump_stats():
"""Dump some stats about total number of warnings and such."""
known = 0
skipped = 0
unknown = 0
for i in warn_patterns:
if i['severity'] == Severity.UNKNOWN:
unknown += len(i['members'])
elif i['severity'] == Severity.SKIP:
skipped += len(i['members'])
known += len(i['members'])
print 'Number of classified warnings: <b>' + str(known) + '</b><br>'
print 'Number of skipped warnings: <b>' + str(skipped) + '</b><br>'
print 'Number of unclassified warnings: <b>' + str(unknown) + '</b><br>'
total = unknown + known + skipped
extra_msg = ''
if total < 1000:
extra_msg = ' (low count may indicate incremental build)'
print 'Total number of warnings: <b>' + str(total) + '</b>' + extra_msg
# New base table of warnings, [severity, warn_id, project, warning_message]
# Need buttons to show warnings in different grouping options.
# (1) Current, group by severity, id for each warning pattern
# sort by severity, warn_id, warning_message
# (2) Current --byproject, group by severity,
# id for each warning pattern + project name
# sort by severity, warn_id, project, warning_message
# (3) New, group by project + severity,
# id for each warning pattern
# sort by project, severity, warn_id, warning_message
def emit_buttons():
print ('<button class="button" onclick="expandCollapse(1);">'
'Expand all warnings</button>\n'
'<button class="button" onclick="expandCollapse(0);">'
'Collapse all warnings</button>\n'
'<button class="button" onclick="groupBySeverity();">'
'Group warnings by severity</button>\n'
'<button class="button" onclick="groupByProject();">'
'Group warnings by project</button><br>')
def all_patterns(category):
patterns = ''
for i in category['patterns']:
patterns += i
patterns += ' / '
return patterns
def dump_fixed():
"""Show which warnings no longer occur."""
anchor = 'fixed_warnings'
mark = anchor + '_mark'
print ('\n<br><p style="background-color:lightblue"><b>'
'<button id="' + mark + '" '
'class="bt" onclick="expand(\'' + anchor + '\');">'
'&#x2295</button> Fixed warnings. '
'No more occurrences. Please consider turning these into '
'errors if possible, before they are reintroduced in to the build'
print '<blockquote>'
fixed_patterns = []
for i in warn_patterns:
if not i['members']:
fixed_patterns.append(i['description'] + ' (' +
all_patterns(i) + ')')
if i['option']:
fixed_patterns.append(' ' + i['option'])
print '<div id="' + anchor + '" style="display:none;"><table>'
cur_row_class = 0
for text in fixed_patterns:
cur_row_class = 1 - cur_row_class
# remove last '\n'
t = text[:-1] if text[-1] == '\n' else text
print '<tr><td class="c' + str(cur_row_class) + '">' + t + '</td></tr>'
print '</table></div>'
print '</blockquote>'
def find_project_index(line):
for p in range(len(project_patterns)):
if project_patterns[p].match(line):
return p
return -1
def classify_one_warning(line, results):
for i in range(len(warn_patterns)):
w = warn_patterns[i]
for cpat in w['compiled_patterns']:
if cpat.match(line):
p = find_project_index(line)
results.append([line, i, p])
# If we end up here, there was a problem parsing the log
# probably caused by 'make -j' mixing the output from
# 2 or more concurrent compiles
def classify_warnings(lines):
results = []
for line in lines:
classify_one_warning(line, results)
# After the main work, ignore all other signals to a child process,
# to avoid bad warning/error messages from the exit clean-up process.
if args.processes > 1:
signal.signal(signal.SIGTERM, lambda *args: sys.exit(-signal.SIGTERM))
return results
def parallel_classify_warnings(warning_lines):
"""Classify all warning lines with num_cpu parallel processes."""
num_cpu = args.processes
if num_cpu > 1:
groups = [[] for x in range(num_cpu)]
i = 0
for x in warning_lines:
i = (i + 1) % num_cpu
pool = multiprocessing.Pool(num_cpu)
group_results =, groups)
group_results = [classify_warnings(warning_lines)]
for result in group_results:
for line, pattern_idx, project_idx in result:
pattern = warn_patterns[pattern_idx]
message_idx = len(warning_messages)
warning_records.append([pattern_idx, project_idx, message_idx])
pname = '???' if project_idx < 0 else project_names[project_idx]
# Count warnings by project.
if pname in pattern['projects']:
pattern['projects'][pname] += 1
pattern['projects'][pname] = 1
def compile_patterns():
"""Precompiling every pattern speeds up parsing by about 30x."""
for i in warn_patterns:
i['compiled_patterns'] = []
for pat in i['patterns']:
def find_android_root(path):
"""Set and return android_root path if it is found."""
global android_root
parts = path.split('/')
for idx in reversed(range(2, len(parts))):
root_path = '/'.join(parts[:idx])
# Android root directory should contain this script.
if os.path.exists(root_path + '/build/tools/'):
android_root = root_path
return root_path
return ''
def remove_android_root_prefix(path):
"""Remove android_root prefix from path if it is found."""
if path.startswith(android_root):
return path[1 + len(android_root):]
return path
def normalize_path(path):
"""Normalize file path relative to android_root."""
# If path is not an absolute path, just normalize it.
path = os.path.normpath(path)
if path[0] != '/':
return path
# Remove known prefix of root path and normalize the suffix.
if android_root or find_android_root(path):
return remove_android_root_prefix(path)
return path
def normalize_warning_line(line):
"""Normalize file path relative to android_root in a warning line."""
# replace fancy quotes with plain ol' quotes
line = line.replace('‘', "'")
line = line.replace('’', "'")
line = line.strip()
first_column = line.find(':')
if first_column > 0:
return normalize_path(line[:first_column]) + line[first_column:]
return line
def parse_input_file(infile):
"""Parse input file, collect parameters and warning lines."""
global android_root
global platform_version
global target_product
global target_variant
line_counter = 0
# handle only warning messages with a file path
warning_pattern = re.compile('^[^ ]*/[^ ]*: warning: .*')
# Collect all warnings into the warning_lines set.
warning_lines = set()
for line in infile:
if warning_pattern.match(line):
line = normalize_warning_line(line)
elif line_counter < 100:
# save a little bit of time by only doing this for the first few lines
line_counter += 1
m ='(?<=^PLATFORM_VERSION=).*', line)
if m is not None:
platform_version =
m ='(?<=^TARGET_PRODUCT=).*', line)
if m is not None:
target_product =
m ='(?<=^TARGET_BUILD_VARIANT=).*', line)
if m is not None:
target_variant =
m ='.* TOP=([^ ]*) .*', line)
if m is not None:
android_root =
return warning_lines
# Return s with escaped backslash and quotation characters.
def escape_string(s):
return s.replace('\\', '\\\\').replace('"', '\\"')
# Return s without trailing '\n' and escape the quotation characters.
def strip_escape_string(s):
if not s:
return s
s = s[:-1] if s[-1] == '\n' else s
return escape_string(s)
def emit_warning_array(name):
print 'var warning_{} = ['.format(name)
for i in range(len(warn_patterns)):
print '{},'.format(warn_patterns[i][name])
print '];'
def emit_warning_arrays():
print 'var warning_description = ['
for i in range(len(warn_patterns)):
if warn_patterns[i]['members']:
print '"{}",'.format(escape_string(warn_patterns[i]['description']))
print '"",' # no such warning
print '];'
scripts_for_warning_groups = """
function compareMessages(x1, x2) { // of the same warning type
return (WarningMessages[x1[2]] <= WarningMessages[x2[2]]) ? -1 : 1;
function byMessageCount(x1, x2) {
return x2[2] - x1[2]; // reversed order
function bySeverityMessageCount(x1, x2) {
// orer by severity first
if (x1[1] != x2[1])
return x1[1] - x2[1];
return byMessageCount(x1, x2);
const ParseLinePattern = /^([^ :]+):(\\d+):(.+)/;
function addURL(line) {
if (FlagURL == "") return line;
if (FlagSeparator == "") {
return line.replace(ParseLinePattern,
"<a target='_blank' href='" + FlagURL + "/$1'>$1</a>:$2:$3");
return line.replace(ParseLinePattern,
"<a target='_blank' href='" + FlagURL + "/$1" + FlagSeparator +
function createArrayOfDictionaries(n) {
var result = [];
for (var i=0; i<n; i++) result.push({});
return result;
function groupWarningsBySeverity() {
// groups is an array of dictionaries,
// each dictionary maps from warning type to array of warning messages.
var groups = createArrayOfDictionaries(SeverityColors.length);
for (var i=0; i<Warnings.length; i++) {
var w = Warnings[i][0];
var s = WarnPatternsSeverity[w];
var k = w.toString();
if (!(k in groups[s]))
groups[s][k] = [];
return groups;
function groupWarningsByProject() {
var groups = createArrayOfDictionaries(ProjectNames.length);
for (var i=0; i<Warnings.length; i++) {
var w = Warnings[i][0];
var p = Warnings[i][1];
var k = w.toString();
if (!(k in groups[p]))
groups[p][k] = [];
return groups;
var GlobalAnchor = 0;
function createWarningSection(header, color, group) {
var result = "";
var groupKeys = [];
var totalMessages = 0;
for (var k in group) {
totalMessages += group[k].length;
groupKeys.push([k, WarnPatternsSeverity[parseInt(k)], group[k].length]);
for (var idx=0; idx<groupKeys.length; idx++) {
var k = groupKeys[idx][0];
var messages = group[k];
var w = parseInt(k);
var wcolor = SeverityColors[WarnPatternsSeverity[w]];
var description = WarnPatternsDescription[w];
if (description.length == 0)
description = "???";
GlobalAnchor += 1;
result += "<table class='t1'><tr bgcolor='" + wcolor + "'><td>" +
"<button class='bt' id='" + GlobalAnchor + "_mark" +
"' onclick='expand(\\"" + GlobalAnchor + "\\");'>" +
"&#x2295</button> " +
description + " (" + messages.length + ")</td></tr></table>";
result += "<div id='" + GlobalAnchor +
"' style='display:none;'><table class='t1'>";
var c = 0;
for (var i=0; i<messages.length; i++) {
result += "<tr><td class='c" + c + "'>" +
addURL(WarningMessages[messages[i][2]]) + "</td></tr>";
c = 1 - c;
result += "</table></div>";
if (result.length > 0) {
return "<br><span style='background-color:" + color + "'><b>" +
header + ": " + totalMessages +
"</b></span><blockquote><table class='t1'>" +
result + "</table></blockquote>";
return ""; // empty section
function generateSectionsBySeverity() {
var result = "";
var groups = groupWarningsBySeverity();
for (s=0; s<SeverityColors.length; s++) {
result += createWarningSection(SeverityHeaders[s], SeverityColors[s], groups[s]);
return result;
function generateSectionsByProject() {
var result = "";
var groups = groupWarningsByProject();
for (i=0; i<groups.length; i++) {
result += createWarningSection(ProjectNames[i], 'lightgrey', groups[i]);
return result;
function groupWarnings(generator) {
GlobalAnchor = 0;
var e = document.getElementById("warning_groups");
e.innerHTML = generator();
function groupBySeverity() {
function groupByProject() {
# Emit a JavaScript const string
def emit_const_string(name, value):
print 'const ' + name + ' = "' + escape_string(value) + '";'
# Emit a JavaScript const integer array.
def emit_const_int_array(name, array):
print 'const ' + name + ' = ['
for n in array:
print str(n) + ','
print '];'
# Emit a JavaScript const string array.
def emit_const_string_array(name, array):
print 'const ' + name + ' = ['
for s in array:
print '"' + strip_escape_string(s) + '",'
print '];'
# Emit a JavaScript const object array.
def emit_const_object_array(name, array):
print 'const ' + name + ' = ['
for x in array:
print str(x) + ','
print '];'
def emit_js_data():
"""Dump dynamic HTML page's static JavaScript data."""
emit_const_string('FlagURL', args.url if args.url else '')
emit_const_string('FlagSeparator', args.separator if args.separator else '')
emit_const_string_array('SeverityColors', Severity.colors)
emit_const_string_array('SeverityHeaders', Severity.headers)
emit_const_string_array('SeverityColumnHeaders', Severity.column_headers)
emit_const_string_array('ProjectNames', project_names)
[w['severity'] for w in warn_patterns])
[w['description'] for w in warn_patterns])
[w['option'] for w in warn_patterns])
emit_const_string_array('WarningMessages', warning_messages)
emit_const_object_array('Warnings', warning_records)
draw_table_javascript = """
google.charts.load('current', {'packages':['table']});
function drawTable() {
var data = new google.visualization.DataTable();
data.addColumn('string', StatsHeader[0]);
for (var i=1; i<StatsHeader.length; i++) {
data.addColumn('number', StatsHeader[i]);
for (var i=0; i<StatsRows.length; i++) {
for (var j=0; j<StatsHeader.length; j++) {
data.setProperty(i, j, 'style', 'border:1px solid black;');
var table = new google.visualization.Table(document.getElementById('stats_table'));
table.draw(data, {allowHtml: true, alternatingRowStyle: true});
def dump_html():
"""Dump the html output to stdout."""
dump_html_prologue('Warnings for ' + platform_version + ' - ' +
target_product + ' - ' + target_variant)
print '<br><div id="stats_table"></div><br>'
print '\n<script>'
print scripts_for_warning_groups
print '</script>'
# Warning messages are grouped by severities or project names.
print '<br><div id="warning_groups"></div>'
if args.byproject:
print '<script>groupByProject();</script>'
print '<script>groupBySeverity();</script>'
##### Functions to count warnings and dump csv file. #########################
def description_for_csv(category):
if not category['description']:
return '?'
return category['description']
def count_severity(writer, sev, kind):
"""Count warnings of given severity."""
total = 0
for i in warn_patterns:
if i['severity'] == sev and i['members']:
n = len(i['members'])
total += n
warning = kind + ': ' + description_for_csv(i)
writer.writerow([n, '', warning])
# print number of warnings for each project, ordered by project name.
projects = i['projects'].keys()
for p in projects:
writer.writerow([i['projects'][p], p, warning])
writer.writerow([total, '', kind + ' warnings'])
return total
# dump number of warnings in csv format to stdout
def dump_csv(writer):
"""Dump number of warnings in csv format to stdout."""
total = 0
for s in Severity.range:
total += count_severity(writer, s, Severity.column_headers[s])
writer.writerow([total, '', 'All warnings'])
def main():
warning_lines = parse_input_file(open(args.buildlog, 'r'))
# If a user pases a csv path, save the fileoutput to the path
# If the user also passed gencsv write the output to stdout
# If the user did not pass gencsv flag dump the html report to stdout.
if args.csvpath:
with open(args.csvpath, 'w') as f:
dump_csv(csv.writer(f, lineterminator='\n'))
if args.gencsv:
dump_csv(csv.writer(sys.stdout, lineterminator='\n'))
# Run main function if is the main program.
if __name__ == '__main__':