Rename wlist to allowlist

The new release of re-client renames env_var_wlist to env_var_allowlist.
We need to make this change as part of the topic so that with the new
release we are able to deprecate this variable.

Bug: b/167677318
Change-Id: I988381f4f72061f7c6eb99d58593f92cfd618b1b
Merged-In: I988381f4f72061f7c6eb99d58593f92cfd618b1b
diff --git a/core/ b/core/
index 0d492fb..e90500c 100644
--- a/core/
+++ b/core/
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
   java_r8_d8_platform := $(platform),Pool=java16
   RBE_WRAPPER := $(rbe_dir)/rewrapper
-  RBE_CXX := --labels=type=compile,lang=cpp,compiler=clang --env_var_whitelist=PWD --exec_strategy=$(cxx_rbe_exec_strategy) --platform=$(cxx_platform) --compare=$(cxx_compare)
+  RBE_CXX := --labels=type=compile,lang=cpp,compiler=clang --env_var_allowlist=PWD --exec_strategy=$(cxx_rbe_exec_strategy) --platform=$(cxx_platform) --compare=$(cxx_compare)
   # Append rewrapper to existing *_WRAPPER variables so it's possible to
   # use both ccache and rewrapper.