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<html<?cs if:devsite ?> devsite<?cs /if ?>>
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<body class="gc-documentation develop samples" itemscope itemtype="">
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<div <?cs if:fullpage
?>class="fullpage"<?cs elif:design||tools||about||sdk||distribute
?>class="col-13" id="doc-col"<?cs else
?>class="col-12" id="doc-col"<?cs /if ?> >
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<?cs if:projectStructure ?>
<a href="<?cs var:toroot ?>samples/<?cs var:projectDir ?>/index.html">Overview</a>
&#124; Project<?cs else ?>Overview
&#124; <a href="<?cs var:toroot ?>samples/<?cs var:projectDir ?>/project.html">Project</a>
<?cs /if ?>
&#124; <a href="<?cs var:toroot ?>downloads/samples/<?cs var:projectDir ?>.zip">Download</a>
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Other info
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<h1 itemprop="name"><?cs var:projectDir ?></h1>
<div id="jd-content">
<?cs def:display_files(files) ?>
<?cs each:file = files ?>
<?cs if:file.Type != "dir" ?>
<div class="structure-<?cs var:file.Type ?>">
<a href="<?cs var:toroot ?><?cs var:file.Href ?>"><?cs var:file.Name ?></a>
<?cs else ?>
<div class="toggle-content opened structure-dir">
<a href="#" onclick="return toggleContent(this)">
<img src="<?cs var:toroot ?>assets/images/triangle-opened.png"
class="toggle-content-img structure-toggle-img" height="9px" width="9px" />
<?cs var:file.Name ?></a><?cs
if:file.SummaryFlag == "true" ?><span class="dirInfo"
>[&nbsp;<a href="file.SummaryHref">Info</a>&nbsp;]</a></span><?cs
/if ?>
<div class="toggle-content-toggleme structure-toggleme">
<?cs if:file.Sub.0.Name ?>
<?cs call:display_files(file.Sub) ?>
<?cs /if ?>
</div> <?cs # /toggleme ?>
</div> <?cs # /toggle-content ?>
<?cs /if ?>
<?cs /each ?>
<?cs /def ?>
<?cs if:android.whichdoc == "online" ?>
<?cs # If this is the online docs, build the src code navigation links ?>
<?cs if:projectStructure ?>
<?cs call:display_files(Files) ?>
<?cs else ?> <?cs # else not project structure doc ?>
<?cs var:summary ?>
<?cs # Remove project structure from landing pages for now
# <h2>Project Structure</h2>
# <p>Decide what to do with this ...</p>
# <?cs call:display_files(Files) ?>
<?cs /if ?> <?cs # end if projectStructure ?>
<?cs else ?><?cs
# else, this means it's offline docs,
so don't show src links (we dont have the pages!) ?>
<p>You can find the source code for this sample in your SDK at:</p>
<p style="margin-left:2em">
<?cs /if ?><?cs # end if/else online docs ?>
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