And then L, without ever becoming a real code name, transforms like magic to 5.0.

The code name looked at 5.0 despondently.  "Won't anyone care about
me?  Why does everyone pretend like I don't even exist!"  And it
was true -- for all of its life, nobody had ever whispered L's
true name, at least not in the same breath as many other names that
were not L's at all.

But 5.0 knew better.  "L," the number said, "don't you fear.  Some
day, I am sure, your name will go up in lights.  Your name will shine
brighter than even my own.  And everyone who is anyone will know
your name, write pages and pages all about your name, and debate
endlessly about everything you are."

L could only hope this would be true.  But not today.  Today, L
is still nobody.

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