Introduce per-product per-module dex-preopt config

- Added LOCAL_DEX_PREOPT_FLAGS to pass extra flags to dex2oat.
- Added macro add-product-dex-preopt-module-config to specify almost
  arbitrary dex-preopt config/flags to modules in product
  $(call \
  How <config_or_flags> is interpreted is decided by and dex2oat. For now if it's "disable" we
  disable dexpreopt for the given modules; otherwise pass it to dex2oat as
  command line flags.
- If there are multiple configs for the same module in the product
  inheritance, the first takes precedence.
- Added PRODUCT_DEX_PREOPT_DEFAULT_FLAGS so you can specify default
  dex2oat flags in product configuration.
- Added PRODUCT_DEX_PREOPT_BOOT_FLAGS to specify flags of building boot.oat.

Bug: 17791867
(cherry picked from commit 20ebd2ef081f2a3e85a4adcf8837e6f5b68bdeea)

(cherry picked from commit 70d617aaf57c636ca7b6aedee5b009a7c46bdd3a)

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