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"__name": "name will be visible on UI",
"__url": "https:// or file:// uri to update package (zip, xz, ...)",
"__ab_install_type": "NON_STREAMING (from a local file) OR STREAMING (on the fly)",
"name": "SAMPLE-cake-release BUILD-12345",
"url": "",
"ab_install_type": "NON_STREAMING",
"ab_streaming_metadata": {
"__": "streaming_metadata is required only for streaming update",
"__property_files": "name, offset and size of files",
"__authorization": "it will be sent to OTA package server as value of HTTP header - Authorization",
"property_files": [
"__filename": "name of the file in package",
"__offset": "defines beginning of the file in package",
"__size": "size of the file in package",
"filename": "payload.bin",
"offset": 531,
"size": 5012323
"authorization": "Basic my-secret-token"
"ab_config": {
"__": "A/B (seamless) update configurations",
"__force_switch_slot": "if set true device will boot to a new slot, otherwise user manually switches slot on the screen",
"force_switch_slot": false