Increase EIO retry count

Increase the number of attempts of an OTA update from 3 to 5 in case
an I/O error happened. This should increase the success rate of the

Bug: 29619468
Change-Id: I88a067d9debd55a07be22ed981f395f6e47ec28f
diff --git a/recovery.cpp b/recovery.cpp
index 6b6643f..10f8414 100644
--- a/recovery.cpp
+++ b/recovery.cpp
@@ -96,7 +96,8 @@
 static const char *LAST_KMSG_FILE = "/cache/recovery/last_kmsg";
 static const char *LAST_LOG_FILE = "/cache/recovery/last_log";
 static const int KEEP_LOG_COUNT = 10;
-static const int EIO_RETRY_COUNT = 2;
+// We will try to apply the update package 5 times at most in case of an I/O error.
+static const int EIO_RETRY_COUNT = 4;
 static const int BATTERY_READ_TIMEOUT_IN_SEC = 10;
 // GmsCore enters recovery mode to install package when having enough battery
 // percentage. Normally, the threshold is 40% without charger and 20% with charger.