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# @(#)Makefile 5.1beta 93/09/24
# $FreeBSD: src/lib/msun/Makefile,v 1.74 2005/11/06 17:59:40 bde Exp $
# ====================================================
# Copyright (C) 1993 by Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
# Developed at SunPro, a Sun Microsystems, Inc. business.
# Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this
# software is freely granted, provided that this notice
# is preserved.
# ====================================================
.if ${MACHINE_ARCH} == "i386"
.include "${ARCH_SUBDIR}/"
.PATH: ${.CURDIR}/bsdsrc
.PATH: ${.CURDIR}/man
.PATH: ${.CURDIR}/src
LIB= m
COMMON_SRCS= b_exp.c b_log.c b_tgamma.c \
e_acos.c e_acosf.c e_acosh.c e_acoshf.c e_asin.c e_asinf.c \
e_atan2.c e_atan2f.c e_atanh.c e_atanhf.c e_cosh.c e_coshf.c e_exp.c \
e_expf.c e_fmod.c e_fmodf.c e_gamma.c e_gamma_r.c e_gammaf.c \
e_gammaf_r.c e_hypot.c e_hypotf.c e_j0.c e_j0f.c e_j1.c e_j1f.c \
e_jn.c e_jnf.c e_lgamma.c e_lgamma_r.c e_lgammaf.c e_lgammaf_r.c \
e_log.c e_log10.c e_log10f.c e_logf.c e_pow.c e_powf.c e_rem_pio2.c \
e_rem_pio2f.c e_remainder.c e_remainderf.c e_scalb.c e_scalbf.c \
e_sinh.c e_sinhf.c e_sqrt.c e_sqrtf.c fenv.c \
k_cos.c k_cosf.c k_rem_pio2.c k_sin.c k_sinf.c \
k_tan.c k_tanf.c \
s_asinh.c s_asinhf.c s_atan.c s_atanf.c s_cbrt.c s_cbrtf.c \
s_ceil.c s_ceilf.c s_ceill.c \
s_copysign.c s_copysignf.c s_cos.c s_cosf.c s_erf.c s_erff.c \
s_exp2.c s_exp2f.c s_expm1.c s_expm1f.c s_fabsf.c s_fdim.c \
s_finite.c s_finitef.c \
s_floor.c s_floorf.c s_floorl.c s_fma.c s_fmaf.c \
s_fmax.c s_fmaxf.c s_fmaxl.c s_fmin.c \
s_fminf.c s_fminl.c s_frexp.c s_frexpf.c s_ilogb.c s_ilogbf.c \
s_ilogbl.c s_isfinite.c s_isnan.c s_isnormal.c \
s_llrint.c s_llrintf.c s_llround.c s_llroundf.c s_llroundl.c \
s_log1p.c s_log1pf.c s_logb.c s_logbf.c s_lrint.c s_lrintf.c \
s_lround.c s_lroundf.c s_lroundl.c s_modff.c \
s_nearbyint.c s_nextafter.c s_nextafterf.c \
s_nexttowardf.c s_remquo.c s_remquof.c \
s_rint.c s_rintf.c s_round.c s_roundf.c s_roundl.c \
s_scalbln.c s_scalbn.c s_scalbnf.c s_signbit.c \
s_signgam.c s_significand.c s_significandf.c s_sin.c s_sinf.c s_tan.c \
s_tanf.c s_tanh.c s_tanhf.c s_trunc.c s_truncf.c s_truncl.c \
w_cabs.c w_cabsf.c w_drem.c w_dremf.c
# Location of fpmath.h and _fpmath.h
LIBCDIR= ${.CURDIR}/../libc
# C99 long double functions
COMMON_SRCS+= s_copysignl.c s_fabsl.c
.if ${LDBL_PREC} != 53
# If long double != double use these; otherwise, we alias the double versions.
COMMON_SRCS+= s_fmal.c s_frexpl.c s_nextafterl.c s_nexttoward.c s_scalbnl.c
# C99 complex functions
COMMON_SRCS+= s_cimag.c s_cimagf.c s_cimagl.c s_conj.c s_conjf.c s_conjl.c \
s_creal.c s_crealf.c s_creall.c
# FreeBSD's C library supplies these functions:
#COMMON_SRCS+= s_fabs.c s_frexp.c s_isnan.c s_ldexp.c s_modf.c
# Exclude the generic versions of what we provide in the MD area.
.if defined(ARCH_SRCS)
.for i in ${ARCH_SRCS}
INCS= fenv.h math.h
MAN= acos.3 acosh.3 asin.3 asinh.3 atan.3 atan2.3 atanh.3 ceil.3 \
cimag.3 copysign.3 cos.3 cosh.3 erf.3 exp.3 fabs.3 fdim.3 \
feclearexcept.3 feenableexcept.3 fegetenv.3 \
fegetround.3 fenv.3 floor.3 \
fma.3 fmax.3 fmod.3 hypot.3 ieee.3 ieee_test.3 ilogb.3 j0.3 \
lgamma.3 lrint.3 lround.3 math.3 nextafter.3 remainder.3 rint.3 \
round.3 scalbn.3 signbit.3 sin.3 sinh.3 sqrt.3 tan.3 tanh.3 trunc.3
MLINKS+=acos.3 acosf.3
MLINKS+=acosh.3 acoshf.3
MLINKS+=asin.3 asinf.3
MLINKS+=asinh.3 asinhf.3
MLINKS+=atan.3 atanf.3
MLINKS+=atanh.3 atanhf.3
MLINKS+=atan2.3 atan2f.3
MLINKS+=ceil.3 ceilf.3 ceil.3 ceill.3
MLINKS+=cimag.3 cimagf.3 cimag.3 cimagl.3 \
cimag.3 conj.3 cimag.3 conjf.3 cimag.3 conjl.3 \
cimag.3 creal.3 cimag.3 crealf.3 cimag.3 creall.3
MLINKS+=copysign.3 copysignf.3 copysign.3 copysignl.3
MLINKS+=cos.3 cosf.3
MLINKS+=cosh.3 coshf.3
MLINKS+=erf.3 erfc.3 erf.3 erff.3 erf.3 erfcf.3
MLINKS+=exp.3 expm1.3 exp.3 log.3 exp.3 log10.3 exp.3 log1p.3 exp.3 pow.3 \
exp.3 exp2.3 exp.3 exp2f.3 exp.3 expf.3 \
exp.3 expm1f.3 exp.3 logf.3 exp.3 powf.3 \
exp.3 log10f.3 exp.3 log1pf.3
MLINKS+=fabs.3 fabsf.3 fabs.3 fabsl.3
MLINKS+=fdim.3 fdimf.3 fdim.3 fdiml.3
MLINKS+=feclearexcept.3 fegetexceptflag.3 feclearexcept.3 feraiseexcept.3 \
feclearexcept.3 fesetexceptflag.3 feclearexcept.3 fetestexcept.3
MLINKS+=feenableexcept.3 fedisableexcept.3 feenableexcept.3 fegetexcept.3
MLINKS+=fegetenv.3 feholdexcept.3 fegetenv.3 fesetenv.3 \
fegetenv.3 feupdateenv.3
MLINKS+=fegetround.3 fesetround.3
MLINKS+=floor.3 floorf.3 floor.3 floorl.3
MLINKS+=fma.3 fmaf.3 fma.3 fmal.3
MLINKS+=fmax.3 fmaxf.3 fmax.3 fmaxl.3 \
fmax.3 fmin.3 fmax.3 fminf.3 fmax.3 fminl.3
MLINKS+=fmod.3 fmodf.3
MLINKS+=hypot.3 cabs.3 hypot.3 cabsf.3 hypot.3 hypotf.3
MLINKS+=ieee_test.3 scalb.3 ieee_test.3 scalbf.3
MLINKS+=ieee_test.3 significand.3 ieee_test.3 significandf.3
MLINKS+=ilogb.3 ilogbf.3 ilogb.3 ilogbl.3 \
ilogb.3 logb.3 ilogb.3 logbf.3
MLINKS+=j0.3 j1.3 j0.3 jn.3 j0.3 y0.3 j0.3 y1.3 j0.3 y1f.3 j0.3 yn.3
MLINKS+=j0.3 j0f.3 j0.3 j1f.3 j0.3 jnf.3 j0.3 y0f.3 j0.3 ynf.3
MLINKS+=lgamma.3 gamma.3 lgamma.3 gammaf.3 lgamma.3 lgammaf.3 lgamma.3 tgamma.3
MLINKS+=lrint.3 llrint.3 lrint.3 llrintf.3 lrint.3 lrintf.3
MLINKS+=lround.3 llround.3 lround.3 llroundf.3 lround.3 llroundl.3 \
lround.3 lroundf.3 lround.3 lroundl.3
MLINKS+=nextafter.3 nextafterf.3 nextafter.3 nextafterl.3
MLINKS+=nextafter.3 nexttoward.3 nextafter.3 nexttowardf.3
MLINKS+=nextafter.3 nexttowardl.3
MLINKS+=remainder.3 remainderf.3
MLINKS+=remainder.3 remquo.3 remainder.3 remquof.3
MLINKS+=rint.3 rintf.3 rint.3 nearbyint.3 rint.3 nearbyintf.3
MLINKS+=round.3 roundf.3 round.3 roundl.3
MLINKS+=scalbn.3 scalbln.3 scalbn.3 scalblnf.3 scalbn.3 scalblnl.3
MLINKS+=scalbn.3 scalbnf.3 scalbn.3 scalbnl.3
MLINKS+=sin.3 sinf.3
MLINKS+=sinh.3 sinhf.3
MLINKS+=sqrt.3 cbrt.3 sqrt.3 cbrtf.3 sqrt.3 sqrtf.3
MLINKS+=tan.3 tanf.3
MLINKS+=tanh.3 tanhf.3
MLINKS+=trunc.3 truncf.3 trunc.3 truncl.3
.include <>