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* Generic syscall call.
* Upon entry
* %eax: system call number
* %ebx: arg0 to system call
* %ecx: arg..
* %edx: arg..
* %esi: arg..
* %edi: arg..
* We push these (to save them) load them up with the
* values from the calling frame (not all will actually be valid)
* and make the syscall.
#include <sys/linux-syscalls.h>
.type syscall, @function
.globl syscall
.align 4
push %ebx
push %esi
push %edi
mov 16(%esp),%eax
mov 20(%esp),%ebx
mov 24(%esp),%ecx
mov 28(%esp),%edx
mov 32(%esp),%esi
mov 36(%esp),%edi
int $0x80
cmpl $-4095, %eax
jb 1f
negl %eax
pushl %eax
call __set_errno
addl $4, %esp
orl $-1, %eax
pop %edi
pop %esi
pop %ebx