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#include <sys/linux-syscalls.h>
.type _exit_with_stack_teardown, @function
.globl _exit_with_stack_teardown
.align 4
* void _exit_with_stack_teardown(void *stackBase, int stackSize, int *retCode)
/* we can trash %ebx here since this call should never return. */
/* We can also take advantage of the fact that the linux syscall trap
* handler saves all the registers, so we don't need a stack to keep
* the retCode argument for exit while doing the munmap */
/* TODO(dmtriyz): No one expects this code to return, so even if
* munmap fails, we have to exit. This should probably be fixed, but
* since ARM side does the same thing, leave it as is.
mov 4(%esp), %ebx /* stackBase */
mov 8(%esp), %ecx /* stackSize */
mov 12(%esp), %edx /* retCode, not used for munmap */
mov $__NR_munmap, %eax
int $0x80
mov %edx, %ebx /* retrieve the retCode */
movl $__NR_exit, %eax
int $0x80
/* exit does not return */
/* can't have a ret here since we no longer have a usable stack. Seems
* that presently, 'hlt' will cause the program to segfault.. but this
* should never happen :) */