Add IFUNC support for arm64 and IRELATIVE reloc

 There are number of changes in the way IFUNC related relocations are done:
 1. IRELATIVE relocations are now supported for x86/x86_64 and arm64.
 2. IFUNC relocations are now relying on static linker to generate
    them in correct order - this removes necessety of additional
    relocation pass for ifuncs.
 3. Related to 2: rela?.dyn relocations are preformed before .plt ones.
 4. Ifunc are resolved on symbol lookup this approach allowed to avoid
    mprotect(PROT_WRITE) call on r-x program segments.

Bug: 17399706
Bug: 17177284

(cherry picked from commit 9aea164457c269c475592da36b4655d45f55c7bc)

Change-Id: Ie19d900fc203beb93faf8943b0d06d534a6de4ad
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