Update to tzdata2011n.

There are three changes of note - most urgently, Cuba (America/Havana)
has extended summer time by two weeks, now to end on Nov 13, rather than
the (already past) Oct 30.   Second, the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic
(Europe/Tiraspol) decided not to split from the rest of Moldova after
all, and consequently that zone has been removed (again) and reinstated
in the "backward" file as a link to Europe/Chisinau.   And third, the
end date for Fiji's summer time this summer was moved forward from the
earlier planned Feb 26, to Jan 22.

Apart from that, Moldova (MD) returns to a single entry in zone.tab
(and the incorrect syntax that was in the 2011m version of that file
is so fixed - it would have been fixed in a different way had this
change not happened - that's the "missing" sccs version id).

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