FORTIFY_SOURCE: enhanced memcpy protections.

Two changes:

1) Detect memory read overruns.

For example:

int main() {
  char buf[10];
  memcpy(buf, "abcde", sizeof(buf));
  sprintf("%s\n", buf);

because "abcde" is only 6 bytes, copying 10 bytes from it is a bug.
This particular bug will be detected at compile time.  Other similar
bugs may be detected at runtime.

2) Detect overlapping buffers on memcpy()

It is a bug to call memcpy() on buffers which overlap. For
example, the following code is buggy:

  char buf3[0x800];
  char *first_half  = &buf3[0x400];
  char *second_half = &buf3[1];
  memset(buf3, 0, sizeof(buf3));
  memcpy(first_half, second_half, 0x400);
  printf("1: %s\n", buf3);

We now detect this at compile and run time.

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