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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Logging and checks. Avoids a dependency on base.
// LOG(tag) prints messages. Tags are INFO, WARNING, ERROR and FATAL.
// INFO prints to stdout, the others to stderr. FATAL aborts after printing.
// LOG_IF(tag, predicate) logs if predicate evaluates to true, else silent.
// VLOG(level) logs INFO messages where level is less than or equal to the
// verbosity level set with SetVerbose().
// VLOG_IF(level, predicate) logs INFO if predicate evaluates to true,
// else silent.
// CHECK(predicate) logs a FATAL error if predicate is false.
// NOTREACHED() always aborts.
// Log streams can be changed with SetStreams(). Logging is not thread-safe.
#include <limits.h>
#include <ostream>
#include <sstream>
namespace relocation_packer {
class Logger {
enum Severity {INFO = 0, WARNING, ERROR, FATAL};
// Construct a new message logger. Prints if level is less than or
// equal to the level set with SetVerbose() and predicate is true.
// |severity| is an enumerated severity.
// |level| is the verbosity level.
// |predicate| controls if the logger prints or is silent.
Logger(Severity severity, int level, bool predicate);
// On destruction, flush and print the strings accumulated in stream_.
// Return the stream for this logger.
std::ostream& GetStream() { return stream_; }
// Set verbosity level. Messages with a level less than or equal to
// this level are printed, others are discarded. Static, not thread-safe.
static void SetVerbose(int level) { max_level_ = level; }
// Set info and error logging streams. Static, not thread-safe.
static void SetStreams(std::ostream* info_stream,
std::ostream* error_stream) {
info_stream_ = info_stream;
error_stream_ = error_stream;
// Reset to initial state.
static void Reset();
// Message severity, verbosity level, and predicate.
Severity severity_;
int level_;
bool predicate_;
// String stream, accumulates message text.
std::ostringstream stream_;
// Verbosity for INFO messages. Not thread-safe.
static int max_level_;
// Logging streams. Not thread-safe.
static std::ostream* info_stream_;
static std::ostream* error_stream_;
} // namespace relocation_packer
// Make logging severities visible globally.
typedef relocation_packer::Logger::Severity LogSeverity;
using LogSeverity::INFO;
using LogSeverity::WARNING;
using LogSeverity::ERROR;
using LogSeverity::FATAL;
// LOG(severity) prints a message with the given severity, and aborts if
// severity is FATAL. LOG_IF(severity, predicate) does the same but only if
// predicate is true. INT_MIN is guaranteed to be less than or equal to
// any verbosity level.
#define LOG(severity) \
(relocation_packer::Logger(severity, INT_MIN, true).GetStream())
#define LOG_IF(severity, predicate) \
(relocation_packer::Logger(severity, INT_MIN, (predicate)).GetStream())
// VLOG(level) prints its message as INFO if level is less than or equal to
// the current verbosity level.
#define VLOG(level) \
(relocation_packer::Logger(INFO, (level), true).GetStream())
#define VLOG_IF(level, predicate) \
(relocation_packer::Logger(INFO, (level), (predicate)).GetStream())
// CHECK(predicate) fails with a FATAL log message if predicate is false.
#define CHECK(predicate) (LOG_IF(FATAL, !(predicate)) \
<< __FILE__ << ":" << __LINE__ << ": " \
<< __FUNCTION__ << ": CHECK '" #predicate "' failed")
// NOTREACHED() always fails with a FATAL log message.
<< __FILE__ << ":" << __LINE__ << ": " \
<< __FUNCTION__ << ": NOTREACHED() hit")