Adding strcmp tuned for Cortex-A15.

The attached patch provides a new implementation of strcmp for ARM,
using LDRD instead of LDR whenever possible.

For older architectures that do not support LDRD, this implementation
uses the same algorithm as before.

Testing and benchmarking:
* Validation: successfully passes a test that compares different strings
of length 1-128 and offsets 0-8 from a word boundary. Checked on
qemu/A15/A9, ARM/Thumb mode, Big/Little Endian.
* Integration with gcc: no regression on qemu for arm-none-eabi --with-cpu
a15/a9 --with-mode arm/thumb.

Change-Id: I9e230e1b99dbdc9119b69ee858a89038c516a4ea
Signed-off-by: Vassilis Laganakos <>
1 file changed