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/* $OpenBSD: thread_private.h,v 1.18 2006/02/22 07:16:31 otto Exp $ */
/* PUBLIC DOMAIN: No Rights Reserved. Marco S Hyman <> */
#include <pthread.h>
* This file defines the thread library interface to libc. Thread
* libraries must implement the functions described here for proper
* inter-operation with libc. libc contains weak versions of the
* described functions for operation in a non-threaded environment.
* helper macro to make unique names in the thread namespace
#define __THREAD_NAME(name) __CONCAT(_thread_tagname_,name)
struct __thread_private_tag_t {
pthread_mutex_t _private_lock;
pthread_key_t _private_key;
#define _THREAD_PRIVATE_MUTEX(name) \
static struct __thread_private_tag_t __THREAD_NAME(name) = { PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER, -1 }
pthread_mutex_lock( &__THREAD_NAME(name)._private_lock )
pthread_mutex_unlock( &__THREAD_NAME(name)._private_lock )
/* Note that these aren't compatible with the usual OpenBSD ones which lazy-initialize! */
#define _MUTEX_LOCK(l) pthread_mutex_lock((pthread_mutex_t*) l)
#define _MUTEX_UNLOCK(l) pthread_mutex_unlock((pthread_mutex_t*) l)
__LIBC_HIDDEN__ void _thread_atexit_lock(void);
__LIBC_HIDDEN__ void _thread_atexit_unlock(void);
#define _ATEXIT_LOCK() _thread_atexit_lock()
#define _ATEXIT_UNLOCK() _thread_atexit_unlock()
__LIBC_HIDDEN__ void _thread_arc4_lock(void);
__LIBC_HIDDEN__ void _thread_arc4_unlock(void);
#define _ARC4_LOCK() _thread_arc4_lock()
#define _ARC4_UNLOCK() _thread_arc4_unlock()
#define _ARC4_ATFORK(f) pthread_atfork(NULL, NULL, (f))
#endif /* _THREAD_PRIVATE_H_ */