Update bionic to tzdata2014i.

From the release notes:

   Changes affecting future time stamps

     Pacific/Fiji will observe DST from 2014-11-02 02:00 to
     2015-01-18 03:00.  (Thanks to Ken Rylander for the heads-up.)
     Guess that future years will use a similar pattern.

     A new Zone Pacific/Bougainville, for the part of Papua New
     Guinea that plans to switch from UTC+10 to UTC+11 on
     2014-12-28 at 02:00.  (Thanks to Kiley Walbom for the

   Changes affecting time zone abbreviations

     Since Belarus is not changing its clocks even though Moscow
     is, the time zone abbreviation in Europe/Minsk is changing
     from FET to its more-traditional value MSK on 2014-10-26 at
     01:00.  (Thanks to Alexander Bokovoy for the heads-up about

     The new abbreviation IDT stands for the pre-1976 use of UT+8
     in Indochina, to distinguish it better from ICT (UT+7).

   Changes affecting past time stamps

     Many time stamps have been corrected for Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh
     before 1976 (thanks to Trần Ngọc Quân for an indirect pointer
     to Trần Tiến Bình's authoritative book).  Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh has
     been added to zone1970.tab, to give tzselect users in Vietnam
     two choices, since north and south Vietnam disagreed after our
     1970 cutoff.

     Asia/Phnom_Penh and Asia/Vientiane have been turned into
     links, as they differed from existing zones only for older
     time stamps.  As usual, these changes affect pre-1970 time
     stamps only.  Their old contents have been moved to the
     'backzone' file.

Bug: 18085936

(cherry picked from commit a05c2a2a705c8298154db6665cbbb4dbe3cdbbd5)

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