Update to tzdata2012c.

From the release notes:

               Summer time changes for Morocco (to start late April 2012)

               Changes for 2012 for Gaza & the West Bank (Hebron) and Syria

               Haiti following US/Canada rules for 2012 (and we're assuming,
               for now anyway, for the future).

Also include a change made internally to the 'generate' script as part of
the tzdata2011m update that apparently never made it to AOSP; the original
checkin comment for which was:

    Update to tzdata2011m.

    Fixes for Europe/Tiraspol (Moldova) and all four Ukrainian zones.

    Also show the MD5 of the downloaded data, for comparison against the MD5
    given in the announcement mails. (There's a plan to move to proper signing,
    but that's not implemented on their end yet.)

(I'm repeating the tzdata change for the convenience of anyone grepping the
log, since the 2012 tzdata releases also contain the 2011m changes; 2011m
is the only missing release I noticed.)

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