Make sure __u64 is defined even for strict ansi or -std=c99

The x86 asm headers define __u64 regardless of __STRICT_ANSI__.
The linux/videodev2.h header requires __u64 to be defined, thus
this fixes compiling with -std=c99 when including the
linux/videodev2.h header.

In glibc, the asm/types.h header defines __u64 regardless of

This is the change for the generated arch-arm/asm/types.h
header, as produced by the script (without all
the other unrelated changes that the script produces).

FWIW, the same issue also is present in
arch-sh/asm/types.h, but there are no source headers for
arch-sh in external/kernel-headers (and regenerating the
headers simply removes that file).

Change-Id: If05fcc9ed6ff5943602be121c7be140116e361fe
1 file changed