Add clean kernel header for uhid.

The original kernel header was submitted in this change:

  commit 45b515c106161bb3b00d2c097504b9d44505f2d9
  Author: Scott Anderson <>
  Date:   Wed Aug 15 14:52:27 2012 -0700

      Add uhid original header.

      This header was cherry-picked from the upstream series that ends
      with patch adefb69b1b94df29ea2df05cd838c0e032b2c473.

      Change-Id: If516e41b6b14754e7feebdf062461dd38a31900a
      Signed-off-by: Scott Anderson <>

Change-Id: I088a0df4449df859835f8267d0d2e6cd4ed3c478
Signed-off-by: Scott Anderson <>
1 file changed