Optimize strcat/strcpy, small tweaks to strlen. DO NOT MERGE

Create one version of strcat/strcpy/strlen for cortex-a15/krait and another
version for cortex-a9.

Tested with the libc_test strcat/strcpy/strlen tests.
Including new tests that verify that the src for strcat/strcpy do not
overread across page boundaries.

NOTE: The handling of unaligned strcpy (same code in strcat) could probably
be optimized further such that the src is read 64 bits at a time instead of
the partial reads occurring now.

strlen improves slightly since it was recently optimized.

Performance improvements for strcpy and strcat (using an empty dest string):

- Small copies vary from about 5% to 20% as the size gets above 10 bytes.
- Copies >= 1024, about a 60% improvement.
- Unaligned copies, from about 40% improvement.

- Most small copies exhibit a 100% improvement, a few copies only
  improve by 20%.
- Copies >= 1024, about 150% improvement.
- Unaligned copies, about 100% improvement.

- Most small copies vary widely, but on average 20% improvement, then
  the performance gets better, hitting about a 100% improvement when
  copies 64 bytes of data.
- Copies >= 1024, about 100% improvement.
- When coping MBs of data, about 50% improvement.
- Unaligned copies, about 90% improvement.

As strcat destination strings get larger in size:

- about 40% improvement for small dst strings (>= 32).
- about 250% improvement for dst strings >= 1024.

- about 200% improvement for small dst strings (>=32).
- about 250% improvement for dst strings >= 1024.

- about 25% improvement for small dst strings (>=32).
- about 100% improvement for dst strings >=1024.

Merge from internal master.

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