Upgrade to tzdata2013c.

From the release notes:

  Changes affecting current and future time stamps:

    Palestine observed DST starting March 29, 2013.  (Thanks to
    Steffen Thorsen.)  From 2013 on, Gaza and Hebron both observe DST,
    with the predicted rules being the last Thursday in March at 24:00
    to the first Friday on or after September 21 at 01:00.

    Assume that the recent change to Paraguay's DST rules is permanent,
    by moving the end of DST to the 4th Sunday in March every year.
    (Thanks to Carlos Raúl Perasso.)

  Changes affecting past time stamps:

    Fix some historical data for Palestine to agree with that of
    timeanddate.com, as follows:

          The spring 2008 change in Gaza and Hebron was on 00:00 Mar 28, not
          00:00 Apr 1.

          The fall 2009 change in Gaza and Hebron on Sep 4 was at 01:00, not

          The spring 2010 change in Hebron was 00:00 Mar 26, not 00:01 Mar 27.

          The spring 2011 change in Gaza was 00:01 Apr 1, not 12:01 Apr 2.

          The spring 2011 change in Hebron on Apr 1 was at 00:01, not 12:01.

          The fall 2011 change in Hebron on Sep 30 was at 00:00, not 03:00.

    Fix times of habitation for Macquarie to agree with the Tasmania
    Parks & Wildlife Service history, which indicates that permanent
    habitation was 1899-1919 and 1948 on.

  Changing affecting metadata only:

    Macquarie Island is politically part of Australia, not Antarctica.
    (Thanks to Tobias Conradi.)

    Sort Macquarie more-consistently with other parts of Australia.
    (Thanks to Tim Parenti.)

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