Upgrade to tzdata2013e.

From the release notes:

  Changes affecting near-future time stamps

    This year Fiji will start DST on October 27, not October 20.
    (Thanks to David Wheeler for the heads-up.)  For now, guess that
    Fiji will continue to spring forward the Sunday before the fourth
    Monday in October.

  Changes affecting time stamps before 1970

    Pacific/Johnston is now a link to Pacific/Honolulu.  This corrects
    some errors before 1947.

    Some zones have been turned into links, when they differ from
    existing zones only in older data that was likely invented or that
    differs only in LMT or transition from LMT.  These changes affect
    only time stamps before 1943.  The affected zones are:
    Africa/Juba, America/Anguilla, America/Aruba, America/Dominica,
    America/Grenada, America/Guadeloupe, America/Marigot,
    America/Montserrat, America/St_Barthelemy, America/St_Kitts,
    America/St_Lucia, America/St_Thomas, America/St_Vincent,
    America/Tortola, and Europe/Vaduz.  (Thanks to Alois Treindl for
    confirming that the old Europe/Vaduz zone was wrong and the new
    link is better for WWII-era times.)

    Change Kingston Mean Time from -5:07:12 to -5:07:11.  This affects
    America/Cayman, America/Jamaica and America/Grand_Turk time stamps
    from 1890 to 1912.

    Change the UT offset of Bern Mean Time from 0:29:44 to 0:29:46.
    This affects Europe/Zurich time stamps from 1853 to 1894.  (Thanks
    to Alois Treindl).

    Change the date of the circa-1850 Zurich transition from 1849-09-12
    to 1853-07-16, overriding Shanks with data from Messerli about
    postal and telegraph time in Switzerland.

  Data changes affecting behavior of tzselect and similar programs

    Country code BQ is now called the more-common name "Caribbean Netherlands"
    rather than the more-official "Bonaire, St Eustatius & Saba".

    Remove from zone.tab the names America/Montreal, America/Shiprock,
    and Antarctica/South_Pole, as they are equivalent to existing
    same-country-code zones for post-1970 time stamps.  The data for
    these names are unchanged, so the names continue to work as before.

(cherry picked from commit 35b123ef1e2ffe48275cb24708f9d88709486838)

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