Fix bug in pthread_join, pthread_exit, pthread_detach

pthread_no_op_detach_after_join test from bionic-unit-tests hangs
on x86 emulator. There is a race in the pthread_join, pthread_exit,
pthread_detach functions:
- pthread_join waits for the non-detached thread
- pthread_detach sets the detached flag on that thread
- the thread executes pthread_exit which just kills the now-detached
thread, without sending the join notification.

This patch improves the test so it fails on ARM too, and modifies
pthread_detach to behave more like glibc, not setting the detach state if
called on a thread that's already being joined (but not returning an error).

Change-Id: I87dc688221ce979ef5178753dd63d01ac0b108e6
Signed-off-by: Sergey Melnikov <>
2 files changed