Fix and enable java.lang.StringFactory intrinsics.

The following intrinsics were not considered by the
intrinsics recognizer:
- StringNewStringFromBytes
- StringNewStringFromChars
- StringNewStringFromString
This CL enables them and add tests for them.

This CL also:
- Fixes the locations of the ARM64 & MIPS64
  StringNewStringFromString intrinsics.
- Fixes the definitions of the FOUR_ARG_DOWNCALL macros on
  ARM and x86, which are used to implement the
  art_quick_alloc_string_from_bytes* runtime entry points.
- Fixes PC info (stack maps) recording in the
  StringNewStringFromBytes, StringNewStringFromChars and
  StringNewStringFromString ARM, ARM64 & MIPS64 intrinsics.

Bug: 27425743
Change-Id: I38c00d3f0b2e6b64f7d3fe9146743493bef9e45c
12 files changed