Frame layout change

This CL slightly changes the frame layout to remove an old unnecessary
slot, allow for the inclusion of compiler-generated temps and
unifies all variable offset calculation into a single function shared
by the compilers and the runtime system.

   o Update the GetVRegOffset function in to understand the
     new layout.

   o Remove compiler-private offset calculation code and route
     everything through the shared GetVRegOffset in

   o Remove "filler word" that existed immediately after the last
     Dalvik local.  This was there to address an initial concern that
     I had about a single argument register being reused later as a
     long.  Now convinced that it won't happen.

   o Extend the old "padding" region to include compiler-created temps
     that can appear to the rest of the rest of the system as
     Dalvik registers.  The new temps will have Dalvik register numbers
     of -2 and lower.

   o Treat Method* for the current method as a special Dalvik register
     denoted by reg number -1.

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