Compilation filter

This CL introduces a static compilation filter mechanism intended
to allow us to reduce compilation time and space requirements until
we have a profiling mechanism in place.

It supports 5 modes of filtering:

   o interpret-only (compile nothing)
   o deferred-compilation (compile only those methods believe to be
   o space (optimized for space)
   o balanced (best return on space investment)
   o speed (compile everything)

A future CL will allow the default filtering mode to be set
via system property.  For now, you can pass it in via command
line as follows:

   dalvikvm -compiler-filter:[interpret-only|defer-compilation|

or dex2oat --runtime-arg -compiler-filter:[one of the above modes]

Creating a file named art/SMALL_ART will force the filter
default to interpret-only.  Later on we'll move this capability
to a persistent system property.

or modify kDefaultCompilerFilter in runtime.h

It also changes the compiler driver to allow the compilers to
decline to compile a method by return NULL.

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