Fix region space when used with SetLengthToUsableSizeVisitor.

The region space relies on obj->SizeOf for some of its logic.
By having SetLengthToUsableSizeVisitor "change" the SizeOf
what's being allocated.

The bug happens during RegionSpace::ClearFromSpace: for unevac regions
we iterate over following regions. If LiveBytes != Top() - Begin()
(which happen for large allocations using SetLengthToUsableSizeVisitor),
we break the loop.

The next region to analyze is a large tail, and we see LiveBytes() == 0
(tails apparently always have live bytes == 0), the code is then
happy to release the large tail, even though the large object is still

bug: 37187694
bug: 62889232
Test: 659-unpadded-array

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(cherry picked from commit 0436bb29ed9f9a2958454a1140259349d1659f2a)

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