Move spammy logs to JDWP verbose mode

We are spammed by warning messages when debugging, especially each time we
suspend/resume all threads (to update instrumentation or collect monitor info).
It's common to get into the cases where these warnings are logged so they
shouldn't be warning but debug messages.

This CL moves these LOG(WARNING) to VLOG(jdwp) to not disturb developers when
debugging their app (especially when looking for specific messages in logcat).
We keep them in JDWP verbose mode because they help knowing when we initiate
these sequences of "suspend/resume all threads".

Also adds debug suspend count in the log message for more context.

Bug: 17524544
Bug: 17170697

(cherry picked from commit f272af4b9dcd39cdd50fa6655601a26e837eaea9)

Change-Id: I61df70ace1475bf10d83202b6bb774f7036354cb
2 files changed