Unify ART's various implementations of bit_cast.

ART had several implementations of art::bit_cast:

1. one in runtime/base/casts.h, declared as:

   template <class Dest, class Source>
   inline Dest bit_cast(const Source& source);

2. another one in runtime/utils.h, declared as:

   template<typename U, typename V>
   static inline V bit_cast(U in);

3. and a third local version, in runtime/memory_region.h,
   similar to the previous one:

   template<typename Source, typename Destination>
   static Destination MemoryRegion::local_bit_cast(Source in);

This CL removes versions 2. and 3. and changes their callers
to use 1. instead.  That version was chosen over the others
- it was the oldest one in the code base; and
- its syntax was closer to the standard C++ cast operators,
  as it supports the following use:


  since `Source' can be deduced from `source'.

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