Quick compiler: restore optimizations

This CL re-enables optizations on the Quick compile path.

  o Although all optimization are enabled, several are now useless
    because of llvm and bitcode constraints:
      - Large method de-optimization (i.e. - skipping expensive dataflow
        analysis) can't be done because we have to do the analysis to
        produce a CFG that makes the bitcode verifier happy.
      - Small method pattern matching isn't applicable w/ bitcode (though
        I can probably do something similar in the Quick backend, but
        looking for bitcode instead of dex patterns).
      - Branch fusing doesn't translate to bitcode.
      - Bitcode generation has de-optimized code layout.  We'll try to
        repair the damage in a subsequent CL.

  o There is an ugly workaround related to the way we're loading and
    unloading the compiler .so containing llvm. [See comment in compiler.cc]

  o We're still running single-threaded - need to add the magic to allow
    multi-threaded use of llvm.

  o With the CL, the phone boots, all target tests pass and all cts VM
    tests pass (except those being dealt with via a verifier change).

  o Compile time is pretty bad - when flashing it's best to follow
    with an adb sync to avoid on-device compilation of system apps.

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