Add support for LZ4 compressed image files

Added dex2oat option --image-format=(store|lz4). Using lz4 means
that the main image section (all data other than header and bitmap)
are stored in a compressed state.

N5 results:
Boot image size: 8067128 -> 2827605
Decompression time 18.93ms
Decompression rate: 426MB/s

Patchoat is not currently supported since it maps the source image
directly. In order to support compressed images we would need to
recompress the output image and then write it back out to a file.
Also there are not many cases where we would want to patch a
compressed image since they are going to be dirty memory when
uncompressed anyways. Might as well just patch as we are loading.

Bug: 22858531

Change-Id: I8c54ccf73408273011161a61bb891736735074d9
15 files changed