ART: Print C1vis lists as [v1,...,vN]

Checker interprets whitespace as a don't-care placeholder, making it
easier to write assertions which test only parts of the output (e.g.
"//CHECK: Add liveness:44" does not test the inputs or any other
attributes apart from "liveness").

However, since the GraphVisualizer prints lists with elements
separated by spaces ("[ v1 ... vN ]"), this allows for false positives
caused by an occurrence elsewhere in the output. For example, the
assertion: "//CHECK: [ x y ]" will match "[ x y ]" but also
"[ x a y b ]" or even "[ x ] abc [ y ]".

Switching to comma-separated lists works around this issue.

This patch updates all test files, fixes one false positive that this
change revealed (test 442, line 337) and two occurrences of a wrong
match (test 462, lines 121, 149).

Bug: 21189305
Change-Id: I3b22503be3d92529dac0b13f66bccbcfabea6721
17 files changed