One of several steps towards having a single compiler build.
In this CL, we introduce a compiler_backend command-line option
to select between Quick, Quick w/ GBC, Portable and Iceland
back ends.  The Iceland option is temporary, and will go away once
we combine with Portable.  The Quick variants are with
and without GBC conversion.  In time, those will converge to a
single option.

All uses of "#if defined(ART_USE_QUICK_COMPILER)" are eliminated.  All
previous uses in the Quick compiler have been converted to runtime
tests.  On the llvm side, ART_USE_QUICK_COMPILER was previously
used to differentiate between Portable and Iceland builds.  Those
usages have been replaced with ART_USE_PORTABLE_COMPILER, and in
a following CL will also be converted to run-time tests.

As of this CL, we're still generating separate libraries for
Quick and Portable/Iceland.  Next up is elminating the target-specific
libraries for Quick-arm, Quick-x86 and Quick-mips.  Once that is
complete, we will consoldate Quick and Portable into a single build.

To build either Iceland or Portable, touch USE_PORTABLE_COMPILER or
USE_LLVM_COMPILER as usual.  Otherwise, the build will default
to Quick (non-GBC).

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