Fix stack overflow for mutual recursion.

There was an error where we would have a pc that was in the method
which generated the stack overflow. This didn't work however
because the stack overflow check was before we stored the method in
the stack. The result was that the stack overflow handler had a PC
which wasnt necessarily in the method at the top of the stack. This
is now fixed by always restoring the link register before branching
to the throw entrypoint.

Slight code size regression on ARM/Mips (unmeasured). Regression on ARM
is 4 bytes of code per stack overflow check. Some of this regression is
mitigated by having one less GC safepoint.

Also adds test case for StackOverflowError issue (from bdc).

Tests passing: ARM, X86, Mips
Phone booting: ARM

Bug: 12967914
Change-Id: I96fe667799458b58d1f86671e051968f7be78d5d
12 files changed