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%default {"result":"%eax"}
* Generic 32-bit binary operation. Provide an "instr" line that
* specifies an instruction that performs "result = eax op (rFP,%ecx,4)".
* This could be an x86 instruction or a function call. (If the result
* comes back in a register other than eax, you can override "result".)
* For: add-int, sub-int, and-int, or-int,
* xor-int, shl-int, shr-int, ushr-int
/* binop vAA, vBB, vCC */
movzbl 2(rPC), %eax # eax <- BB
movzbl 3(rPC), %ecx # ecx <- CC
GET_VREG %eax, %eax # eax <- vBB
$instr # ex: addl (rFP,%ecx,4),%eax
SET_VREG $result, rINST