Register promotion support for 64-bit targets

Not sufficiently tested for 64-bit targets, but should be
fairly close.

A significant amount of refactoring could stil be done, (in
later CLs).

With this change we are not making any changes to the vmap
scheme.  As a result, it is a requirement that if a vreg
is promoted to both a 32-bit view and the low half of a
64-bit view it must share the same physical register.  We
may change this restriction later on to allow for more flexibility
for 32-bit Arm.

For example, if v4, v5, v4/v5 and v5/v6 are all hot enough to
promote, we'd end up with something like:

v4 (as an int)    -> r10
v4/v5 (as a long) -> r10
v5 (as an int)    -> r11
v5/v6 (as a long) -> r11

Fix a couple of ARM64 bugs on the way...

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