Update GetDexOptNeeded to handle different levels of compilation

extract-only or profile-guide oat files are considered up to date from
runtime perspective as they don't necessary need (re)compilation or
relocation. However, it is useful to return a more refined code to the
caller so that they can decide whether or not that's good enough.

For example, the package manager might decide to still compile a
previous extract-only and during profile guide compilation we should
always recompile even if we have an oat file.

Note that dex files compiled via ClassLoaders will still be fully

This change introduces:
- a new key in the oat header kCompilationType to capture what type of
compilation has been made. Note tha the key might be missing. The
distinction is needed in order to avoid recompilation of a previous
fully compiled file during profile guide compilation analysis.
- a new argument to GetDexOptNeeded which tells the runtime to cast its
opinion whether or not the oat file is up to date relative to the
desired target type of compilation.

Bug: 27189430

(cherry picked from commit d91b8a2464b99625efe03caf7d30c8372bc378ed)

Change-Id: I6ce450350f388451f7bab7d285c1846d539a4b13
10 files changed