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* Copyright (C) 2011 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "Dalvik.h"
namespace art {
/* Each arena page has some overhead, so take a few bytes off */
#define ARENA_DEFAULT_SIZE ((2 * 1024 * 1024) - 256)
/* Allocate the initial memory block for arena-based allocation */
bool oatHeapInit(CompilationUnit* cUnit);
/* Collect memory usage statstics */
typedef struct ArenaMemBlock {
size_t blockSize;
size_t bytesAllocated;
struct ArenaMemBlock *next;
char ptr[0];
} ArenaMemBlock;
void* oatNew(CompilationUnit* cUnit, size_t size, bool zero,
oatAllocKind kind = kAllocMisc);
void oatArenaReset(CompilationUnit *cUnit);
typedef struct GrowableList {
size_t numAllocated;
size_t numUsed;
intptr_t *elemList;
oatListKind kind;
} GrowableList;
typedef struct GrowableListIterator {
GrowableList* list;
size_t idx;
size_t size;
} GrowableListIterator;
* Expanding bitmap, used for tracking resources. Bits are numbered starting
* from zero.
* All operations on a BitVector are unsynchronized.
struct ArenaBitVector {
bool expandable; /* expand bitmap if we run out? */
u4 storageSize; /* current size, in 32-bit words */
u4* storage;
oatBitMapKind kind; /* for memory use tuning */
/* Handy iterator to walk through the bit positions set to 1 */
struct ArenaBitVectorIterator {
ArenaBitVector* pBits;
u4 idx;
u4 bitSize;
#define GET_ELEM_N(LIST, TYPE, N) (((TYPE*) LIST->elemList)[N])
#define BLOCK_NAME_LEN 80
/* Forward declarations */
struct LIR;
struct BasicBlock;
struct CompilationUnit;
void oatInitGrowableList(CompilationUnit* cUnit,GrowableList* gList,
size_t initLength, oatListKind kind = kListMisc);
void oatInsertGrowableList(CompilationUnit* cUnit, GrowableList* gList,
intptr_t elem);
void oatDeleteGrowableList(GrowableList* gList, intptr_t elem);
void oatGrowableListIteratorInit(GrowableList* gList,
GrowableListIterator* iterator);
intptr_t oatGrowableListIteratorNext(GrowableListIterator* iterator);
intptr_t oatGrowableListGetElement(const GrowableList* gList, size_t idx);
ArenaBitVector* oatAllocBitVector(CompilationUnit* cUnit,
unsigned int startBits, bool expandable,
oatBitMapKind = kBitMapMisc);
void oatBitVectorIteratorInit(ArenaBitVector* pBits,
ArenaBitVectorIterator* iterator);
int oatBitVectorIteratorNext(ArenaBitVectorIterator* iterator);
bool oatSetBit(CompilationUnit *cUnit, ArenaBitVector* pBits, unsigned int num);
bool oatClearBit(ArenaBitVector* pBits, unsigned int num);
void oatMarkAllBits(ArenaBitVector* pBits, bool set);
void oatDebugBitVector(char* msg, const ArenaBitVector* bv, int length);
bool oatIsBitSet(const ArenaBitVector* pBits, unsigned int num);
void oatClearAllBits(ArenaBitVector* pBits);
void oatSetInitialBits(ArenaBitVector* pBits, unsigned int numBits);
void oatCopyBitVector(ArenaBitVector* dest, const ArenaBitVector* src);
bool oatIntersectBitVectors(ArenaBitVector* dest, const ArenaBitVector* src1,
const ArenaBitVector* src2);
bool oatUnifyBitVectors(ArenaBitVector* dest, const ArenaBitVector* src1,
const ArenaBitVector* src2);
bool oatCompareBitVectors(const ArenaBitVector* src1,
const ArenaBitVector* src2);
int oatCountSetBits(const ArenaBitVector* pBits);
void oatDumpLIRInsn(CompilationUnit* cUnit, struct LIR* lir,
unsigned char* baseAddr);
void oatDumpResourceMask(struct LIR* lir, u8 mask, const char* prefix);
void oatDumpBlockBitVector(const GrowableList* blocks, char* msg,
const ArenaBitVector* bv, int length);
void oatGetBlockName(struct BasicBlock* bb, char* name);
const char* oatGetShortyFromTargetIdx(CompilationUnit*, int);
void oatDumpRegLocTable(struct RegLocation*, int);
void oatDumpMemStats(CompilationUnit* cUnit);
} // namespace art