Quick compiler: reference cleanup

For 32-bit targets, object references are 32 bits wide both in
Dalvik virtual registers and in core physical registers.  Because of
this, object references and non-floating point values were both
handled as if they had the same register class (kCoreReg).

However, for 64-bit systems, references are 32 bits in Dalvik vregs, but
64 bits in physical registers.  Although the same underlying physical
core registers will still be used for object reference and non-float
values, different register class views will be used to represent them.
For example, an object reference in arm64 might be held in x3 at some
point, while the same underlying physical register, w3, would be used
to hold a 32-bit int.

This CL breaks apart the handling of object reference and non-float values
to allow the proper register class (or register view) to be used.  A
new register class, kRefReg, is introduced which will map to a 32-bit
core register on 32-bit targets, and 64-bit core registers on 64-bit
targets.  From this point on, object references should be allocated
registers in the kRefReg class rather than kCoreReg.

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