Revert "Revert "ART: Enable Jit Profiling in Mterp for arm/arm64""

Fixes: missing sign extension in iget template
       Call to wrong branch profiling helper in arm/goto_16 and arm/goto_32
       Missing export PCs
Reworks: Branch handlers to reduce cost of branch profiling.

Re-enables Jit profiling for both Arm and Arm64.

Performance note:
Branch profiling is relatively expensive, though the real
cost will depend on branch frequency.  Taking a very
branch intensive benchmark, CaffeineMark's logic test, we
see the following scores (higher is better):

Mterp  (profiling off) 6187
Mterp  (profiling on)  4305

Switch (profiling off) 3931
Switch (profiling on)  2032

This reverts commit 95717f0010e7a9445450f4d39babfaf3a83e29b5.

Change-Id: Ia2ef8b54ce95bfa86178b89c43f8a703316b2944
22 files changed