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// Copyright 2011 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
#ifndef ART_SRC_HEAP_H_
#define ART_SRC_HEAP_H_
#include <vector>
#include "globals.h"
#include "object_bitmap.h"
#include "offsets.h"
namespace art {
class Class;
class Mutex;
class Object;
class Space;
class HeapBitmap;
class Heap {
static const size_t kInitialSize = 16 * MB;
static const size_t kMaximumSize = 64 * MB;
typedef void (RootVisitor)(const Object* root, void* arg);
// Create a heap with the requested sizes. optional boot image may
// be NULL, otherwise it is an image filename created by ImageWriter.
static bool Init(size_t starting_size, size_t maximum_size, const char* boot_image_file_name);
static void Destroy();
// Allocates and initializes storage for an object instance.
static Object* AllocObject(Class* klass, size_t num_bytes);
// Check sanity of given reference. Requires the heap lock.
static void VerifyObject(const Object *obj);
static void VerifyObject(const Object *obj) {}
// Check sanity of all live references. Requires the heap lock.
static void VerifyHeap();
// A weaker test than VerifyObject that doesn't require the heap lock,
// and doesn't abort on error, allowing the caller to report more
// meaningful diagnostics.
static bool IsHeapAddress(const Object* obj);
// Initiates an explicit garbage collection.
static void CollectGarbage();
// Implements java.lang.Runtime.maxMemory.
static int64_t GetMaxMemory();
// Implements java.lang.Runtime.totalMemory.
static int64_t GetTotalMemory();
// Implements java.lang.Runtime.freeMemory.
static int64_t GetFreeMemory();
// Blocks the caller until the garbage collector becomes idle.
static void WaitForConcurrentGcToComplete();
static Mutex* GetLock() {
return lock_;
static const std::vector<Space*>& GetSpaces() {
return spaces_;
static Space* GetBootSpace() {
return boot_space_;
static HeapBitmap* GetLiveBits() {
return live_bitmap_;
static HeapBitmap* GetMarkBits() {
return mark_bitmap_;
static void SetReferenceOffsets(MemberOffset reference_referent_offset,
MemberOffset reference_queue_offset,
MemberOffset reference_queueNext_offset,
MemberOffset reference_pendingNext_offset,
MemberOffset finalizer_reference_zombie_offset) {
CHECK_NE(reference_referent_offset.Uint32Value(), 0U);
CHECK_NE(reference_queue_offset.Uint32Value(), 0U);
CHECK_NE(reference_queueNext_offset.Uint32Value(), 0U);
CHECK_NE(reference_pendingNext_offset.Uint32Value(), 0U);
CHECK_NE(finalizer_reference_zombie_offset.Uint32Value(), 0U);
reference_referent_offset_ = reference_referent_offset;
reference_queue_offset_ = reference_queue_offset;
reference_queueNext_offset_ = reference_queueNext_offset;
reference_pendingNext_offset_ = reference_pendingNext_offset;
finalizer_reference_zombie_offset_ = finalizer_reference_zombie_offset;
static MemberOffset GetReferenceReferentOffset() {
DCHECK_NE(reference_referent_offset_.Uint32Value(), 0U);
return reference_referent_offset_;
static MemberOffset GetReferenceQueueOffset() {
DCHECK_NE(reference_queue_offset_.Uint32Value(), 0U);
return reference_queue_offset_;
static MemberOffset GetReferenceQueueNextOffset() {
DCHECK_NE(reference_queueNext_offset_.Uint32Value(), 0U);
return reference_queueNext_offset_;
static MemberOffset GetReferencePendingNextOffset() {
DCHECK_NE(reference_pendingNext_offset_.Uint32Value(), 0U);
return reference_pendingNext_offset_;
static MemberOffset GetFinalizerReferenceZombieOffset() {
DCHECK_NE(finalizer_reference_zombie_offset_.Uint32Value(), 0U);
return finalizer_reference_zombie_offset_;
static void DisableObjectValidation() {
// TODO: remove this hack necessary for image writing
verify_object_disabled_ = true;
// Allocates uninitialized storage.
static Object* Allocate(size_t num_bytes);
static Object* Allocate(Space* space, size_t num_bytes);
static void RecordAllocation(Space* space, const Object* object);
static void RecordFree(Space* space, const Object* object);
static void RecordImageAllocations(Space* space);
static void CollectGarbageInternal();
static void GrowForUtilization();
static Mutex* lock_;
static std::vector<Space*> spaces_;
// Space loaded from an image
static Space* boot_space_;
// default Space for allocations
static Space* alloc_space_;
static HeapBitmap* mark_bitmap_;
static HeapBitmap* live_bitmap_;
// The maximum size of the heap in bytes.
static size_t maximum_size_;
// True while the garbage collector is running.
static bool is_gc_running_;
// Number of bytes allocated. Adjusted after each allocation and
// free.
static size_t num_bytes_allocated_;
// Number of objects allocated. Adjusted after each allocation and
// free.
static size_t num_objects_allocated_;
// offset of java.lang.ref.Reference.referent
static MemberOffset reference_referent_offset_;
// offset of java.lang.ref.Reference.queue
static MemberOffset reference_queue_offset_;
// offset of java.lang.ref.Reference.queueNext
static MemberOffset reference_queueNext_offset_;
// offset of java.lang.ref.Reference.pendingNext
static MemberOffset reference_pendingNext_offset_;
// offset of java.lang.ref.FinalizerReference.zombie
static MemberOffset finalizer_reference_zombie_offset_;
static bool verify_object_disabled_;
} // namespace art
#endif // ART_SRC_HEAP_H_