Get SEA fibonacci running in interpreter mode. Added new file to build. Moved SE_IR usage test in the block
         protected by bool compile, which is enabled by
         adding a sepatate test in IsCnadidateForCompilation. Added check in NeedsInterpreter to enable SEA_IR.
art_method-inl.h: DIsabled check in SEA_IR mode. Added check for SEA_IR mode.
method_verifier.h: Chenged IsCandidateForCompilation signature to
         allow testing the function name (for SEA_IR selective
dot_gen.h: Updated ART file API usage to altest version.
sea_ir/ Passing function symbol name to CompileMethod.
instruction_Nodes.h: Added  accessor for method index for
         InvokeStatic IR node. Added additional IR SignatureNode for function calls (extra
         Method parameter). Fixed UnnamedConstant constant value.
sea.h: Passing function_name to GenerateLLVM. Aded type for first (placeholder) method

Change-Id: I295858ea0761a3dffb36f35748d8b93d4919d6a9
18 files changed