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* Copyright (C) 2014 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <memory>
#include <ostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/globals.h"
#include "base/hash_set.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/utils.h"
#include "compiler_filter.h"
#include "optimizing/register_allocator.h"
namespace art {
namespace jit {
class JitCompiler;
} // namespace jit
namespace verifier {
class VerifierDepsTest;
} // namespace verifier
namespace linker {
class Arm64RelativePatcherTest;
} // namespace linker
class DexFile;
enum class InstructionSet;
class InstructionSetFeatures;
class ProfileCompilationInfo;
class VerificationResults;
class VerifiedMethod;
// Enum for CheckProfileMethodsCompiled. Outside CompilerOptions so it can be forward-declared.
enum class ProfileMethodsCheck : uint8_t {
class CompilerOptions final {
// Guide heuristics to determine whether to compile method if profile data not available.
static const size_t kDefaultHugeMethodThreshold = 10000;
static const size_t kDefaultLargeMethodThreshold = 600;
static const size_t kDefaultSmallMethodThreshold = 60;
static const size_t kDefaultTinyMethodThreshold = 20;
static const size_t kDefaultNumDexMethodsThreshold = 900;
static constexpr double kDefaultTopKProfileThreshold = 90.0;
static const bool kDefaultGenerateDebugInfo = false;
static const bool kDefaultGenerateMiniDebugInfo = false;
static const size_t kDefaultInlineMaxCodeUnits = 32;
static constexpr size_t kUnsetInlineMaxCodeUnits = -1;
enum class ImageType : uint8_t {
kNone, // JIT or AOT app compilation producing only an oat file but no image.
kBootImage, // Creating boot image.
kAppImage, // Creating app image.
CompilerFilter::Filter GetCompilerFilter() const {
return compiler_filter_;
void SetCompilerFilter(CompilerFilter::Filter compiler_filter) {
compiler_filter_ = compiler_filter;
bool IsAotCompilationEnabled() const {
return CompilerFilter::IsAotCompilationEnabled(compiler_filter_);
bool IsJniCompilationEnabled() const {
return CompilerFilter::IsJniCompilationEnabled(compiler_filter_);
bool IsQuickeningCompilationEnabled() const {
return CompilerFilter::IsQuickeningCompilationEnabled(compiler_filter_);
bool IsVerificationEnabled() const {
return CompilerFilter::IsVerificationEnabled(compiler_filter_);
bool AssumeClassesAreVerified() const {
return compiler_filter_ == CompilerFilter::kAssumeVerified;
bool VerifyAtRuntime() const {
return compiler_filter_ == CompilerFilter::kExtract;
bool IsAnyCompilationEnabled() const {
return CompilerFilter::IsAnyCompilationEnabled(compiler_filter_);
size_t GetHugeMethodThreshold() const {
return huge_method_threshold_;
size_t GetLargeMethodThreshold() const {
return large_method_threshold_;
size_t GetSmallMethodThreshold() const {
return small_method_threshold_;
size_t GetTinyMethodThreshold() const {
return tiny_method_threshold_;
bool IsHugeMethod(size_t num_dalvik_instructions) const {
return num_dalvik_instructions > huge_method_threshold_;
bool IsLargeMethod(size_t num_dalvik_instructions) const {
return num_dalvik_instructions > large_method_threshold_;
bool IsSmallMethod(size_t num_dalvik_instructions) const {
return num_dalvik_instructions > small_method_threshold_;
bool IsTinyMethod(size_t num_dalvik_instructions) const {
return num_dalvik_instructions > tiny_method_threshold_;
size_t GetNumDexMethodsThreshold() const {
return num_dex_methods_threshold_;
size_t GetInlineMaxCodeUnits() const {
return inline_max_code_units_;
void SetInlineMaxCodeUnits(size_t units) {
inline_max_code_units_ = units;
double GetTopKProfileThreshold() const {
return top_k_profile_threshold_;
bool GetDebuggable() const {
return debuggable_;
void SetDebuggable(bool value) {
debuggable_ = value;
bool GetNativeDebuggable() const {
return GetDebuggable() && GetGenerateDebugInfo();
// This flag controls whether the compiler collects debugging information.
// The other flags control how the information is written to disk.
bool GenerateAnyDebugInfo() const {
return GetGenerateDebugInfo() || GetGenerateMiniDebugInfo();
bool GetGenerateDebugInfo() const {
return generate_debug_info_;
bool GetGenerateMiniDebugInfo() const {
return generate_mini_debug_info_;
// Should run-time checks be emitted in debug mode?
bool EmitRunTimeChecksInDebugMode() const;
bool GetGenerateBuildId() const {
return generate_build_id_;
bool GetImplicitNullChecks() const {
return implicit_null_checks_;
bool GetImplicitStackOverflowChecks() const {
return implicit_so_checks_;
bool GetImplicitSuspendChecks() const {
return implicit_suspend_checks_;
// Are we compiling a boot image?
bool IsBootImage() const {
return image_type_ == ImageType::kBootImage;
bool IsBaseline() const {
return baseline_;
// Are we compiling an app image?
bool IsAppImage() const {
return image_type_ == ImageType::kAppImage;
// Returns whether we are compiling against a "core" image, which
// is an indicative we are running tests. The compiler will use that
// information for checking invariants.
bool CompilingWithCoreImage() const {
return compiling_with_core_image_;
// Should the code be compiled as position independent?
bool GetCompilePic() const {
return compile_pic_;
const ProfileCompilationInfo* GetProfileCompilationInfo() const {
return profile_compilation_info_;
bool HasVerboseMethods() const {
return !verbose_methods_.empty();
bool IsVerboseMethod(const std::string& pretty_method) const {
for (const std::string& cur_method : verbose_methods_) {
if (pretty_method.find(cur_method) != std::string::npos) {
return true;
return false;
std::ostream* GetInitFailureOutput() const {
return init_failure_output_.get();
bool AbortOnHardVerifierFailure() const {
return abort_on_hard_verifier_failure_;
bool AbortOnSoftVerifierFailure() const {
return abort_on_soft_verifier_failure_;
InstructionSet GetInstructionSet() const {
return instruction_set_;
const InstructionSetFeatures* GetInstructionSetFeatures() const {
return instruction_set_features_.get();
const std::vector<const DexFile*>& GetNoInlineFromDexFile() const {
return no_inline_from_;
const std::vector<const DexFile*>& GetDexFilesForOatFile() const {
return dex_files_for_oat_file_;
const HashSet<std::string>& GetImageClasses() const {
return image_classes_;
bool IsImageClass(const char* descriptor) const;
const VerificationResults* GetVerificationResults() const;
const VerifiedMethod* GetVerifiedMethod(const DexFile* dex_file, uint32_t method_idx) const;
// Checks if the specified method has been verified without failures. Returns
// false if the method is not in the verification results (GetVerificationResults).
bool IsMethodVerifiedWithoutFailures(uint32_t method_idx,
uint16_t class_def_idx,
const DexFile& dex_file) const;
bool ParseCompilerOptions(const std::vector<std::string>& options,
bool ignore_unrecognized,
std::string* error_msg);
void SetNonPic() {
compile_pic_ = false;
const std::string& GetDumpCfgFileName() const {
return dump_cfg_file_name_;
bool GetDumpCfgAppend() const {
return dump_cfg_append_;
bool IsForceDeterminism() const {
return force_determinism_;
bool DeduplicateCode() const {
return deduplicate_code_;
RegisterAllocator::Strategy GetRegisterAllocationStrategy() const {
return register_allocation_strategy_;
const std::vector<std::string>* GetPassesToRun() const {
return passes_to_run_;
bool GetDumpTimings() const {
return dump_timings_;
bool GetDumpPassTimings() const {
return dump_pass_timings_;
bool GetDumpStats() const {
return dump_stats_;
bool CountHotnessInCompiledCode() const {
return count_hotness_in_compiled_code_;
bool ResolveStartupConstStrings() const {
return resolve_startup_const_strings_;
ProfileMethodsCheck CheckProfiledMethodsCompiled() const {
return check_profiled_methods_;
uint32_t MaxImageBlockSize() const {
return max_image_block_size_;
void SetMaxImageBlockSize(uint32_t size) {
max_image_block_size_ = size;
bool ParseDumpInitFailures(const std::string& option, std::string* error_msg);
void ParseDumpCfgPasses(const StringPiece& option, UsageFn Usage);
void ParseInlineMaxCodeUnits(const StringPiece& option, UsageFn Usage);
void ParseNumDexMethods(const StringPiece& option, UsageFn Usage);
void ParseTinyMethodMax(const StringPiece& option, UsageFn Usage);
void ParseSmallMethodMax(const StringPiece& option, UsageFn Usage);
void ParseLargeMethodMax(const StringPiece& option, UsageFn Usage);
void ParseHugeMethodMax(const StringPiece& option, UsageFn Usage);
bool ParseRegisterAllocationStrategy(const std::string& option, std::string* error_msg);
CompilerFilter::Filter compiler_filter_;
size_t huge_method_threshold_;
size_t large_method_threshold_;
size_t small_method_threshold_;
size_t tiny_method_threshold_;
size_t num_dex_methods_threshold_;
size_t inline_max_code_units_;
InstructionSet instruction_set_;
std::unique_ptr<const InstructionSetFeatures> instruction_set_features_;
// Dex files from which we should not inline code. Does not own the dex files.
// This is usually a very short list (i.e. a single dex file), so we
// prefer vector<> over a lookup-oriented container, such as set<>.
std::vector<const DexFile*> no_inline_from_;
// List of dex files associated with the oat file, empty for JIT.
std::vector<const DexFile*> dex_files_for_oat_file_;
// Image classes, specifies the classes that will be included in the image if creating an image.
// Must not be empty for real boot image, only for tests pretending to compile boot image.
HashSet<std::string> image_classes_;
// Results of AOT verification.
const VerificationResults* verification_results_;
ImageType image_type_;
bool compiling_with_core_image_;
bool baseline_;
bool debuggable_;
bool generate_debug_info_;
bool generate_mini_debug_info_;
bool generate_build_id_;
bool implicit_null_checks_;
bool implicit_so_checks_;
bool implicit_suspend_checks_;
bool compile_pic_;
bool dump_timings_;
bool dump_pass_timings_;
bool dump_stats_;
// When using a profile file only the top K% of the profiled samples will be compiled.
double top_k_profile_threshold_;
// Info for profile guided compilation.
const ProfileCompilationInfo* profile_compilation_info_;
// Vector of methods to have verbose output enabled for.
std::vector<std::string> verbose_methods_;
// Abort compilation with an error if we find a class that fails verification with a hard
// failure.
bool abort_on_hard_verifier_failure_;
// Same for soft failures.
bool abort_on_soft_verifier_failure_;
// Log initialization of initialization failures to this stream if not null.
std::unique_ptr<std::ostream> init_failure_output_;
std::string dump_cfg_file_name_;
bool dump_cfg_append_;
// Whether the compiler should trade performance for determinism to guarantee exactly reproducible
// outcomes.
bool force_determinism_;
// Whether code should be deduplicated.
bool deduplicate_code_;
// Whether compiled code should increment the hotness count of ArtMethod. Note that the increments
// won't be atomic for performance reasons, so we accept races, just like in interpreter.
bool count_hotness_in_compiled_code_;
// Whether we eagerly resolve all of the const strings that are loaded from startup methods in the
// profile.
bool resolve_startup_const_strings_;
// When running profile-guided compilation, check that methods intended to be compiled end
// up compiled and are not punted.
ProfileMethodsCheck check_profiled_methods_;
// Maximum solid block size in the generated image.
uint32_t max_image_block_size_;
RegisterAllocator::Strategy register_allocation_strategy_;
// If not null, specifies optimization passes which will be run instead of defaults.
// Note that passes_to_run_ is not checked for correctness and providing an incorrect
// list of passes can lead to unexpected compiler behaviour. This is caused by dependencies
// between passes. Failing to satisfy them can for example lead to compiler crashes.
// Passing pass names which are not recognized by the compiler will result in
// compiler-dependant behavior.
const std::vector<std::string>* passes_to_run_;
friend class Dex2Oat;
friend class DexToDexDecompilerTest;
friend class CommonCompilerTest;
friend class jit::JitCompiler;
friend class verifier::VerifierDepsTest;
friend class linker::Arm64RelativePatcherTest;
template <class Base>
friend bool ReadCompilerOptions(Base& map, CompilerOptions* options, std::string* error_msg);
} // namespace art