Merge changes Ie36c4b4a,Ia9968b95,I2c19de14,I99388dee,I072c4e41, ...

* changes:
  ProfileSaver: query profiling_infos instead of the code_map
  Fix comparison in profile saver
  Fix tracking foreign dex files
  Skip profiling if the dex file is fully compiled
  Fix profile save MaxBaxBackoff time
  Fix and tune ProfileSaver
  Do not profile fully compiled oat files.
  Discard corrupted or out of date profiles
  Extend profman to be able to dump profile content.
  Update and improve profiles format
  Improve ProfileSaver to cache data and do minimal I/O
  Improve resolved classes saving strategy
  Add ProfileSaver stats and dump them during SigQuit
  Don't be so agressive in quering the code cache for new methods