Rename run-time functions to distinguish art_quick_[name] vs art_portable_[name].

We have two different sets of run-time functions:
(1) the one used by quick compiler, and
(2) the one used by portable compiler.

Previosuly, the one used by quick compiler is placed in ``extern
"C"'', and the one used by portable compiler is placed in ``namespace
art''.  That's why we can link them together in the past.  From the
point of view of the linker, they had different names:

(1) Quick RT: art_set32_static_from_code
(2) LLVM RT: _ZN3art27art_set32_static_from_codeEjPNS_14AbstractMethodEi

Previously for portable, ExtractCodeAndPrelink would have translated
the art_module.ll names referenced by portable code at compile time to
point to a runtime table populated with the mangled names.

However, when using MCLinker linker to link the object images
generated by the portable compiler, the linker will only see the
unmangled names. So now the have to be unique between quick and
portable, so we've adopted the naming convention of:

(1) Quick RT: art_quick_set32_static_from_code
(2) LLVM RT: art_portable_set32_static_from_code

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