Fix erroneous section label in oatdump

At some point the 7th root in an images root table became
kSpecialRoots. The stringify array in oatdump was not updated however
causing it to be incorrectly labeled as kClassLoader.

Test: m oatdump
Test: oatdump --image=/system/frameworks/boot.oat
Change-Id: I71dd1223704fc8bb759f43f599fad19119a76782
diff --git a/oatdump/ b/oatdump/
index 4e1276e..89826c6 100644
--- a/oatdump/
+++ b/oatdump/
@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@
-  "kClassLoader",
+  "kSpecialRoots",
 // Map is so that we don't allocate multiple dex files for the same OatDexFile.