Revert^2 "Optimize FindClass ClassNotFoundException case"

With the current class loaders, there are many exceptions thrown for
each ClassNotFoundexception from FindClass calling
ClassLoader.loadClass. This CL reduces that by throwing directly from
FindClass to avoid these extra exceptions.

Numbers are from logging time taken by QuickDeliverException.
Time spent in exception throwing during startup goes down (Pixel 2 XL):
    Camera: 20ms -> 5ms
    Calculator: 5ms -> 2ms
    Maps: 20ms -> 10ms

Added option -XX:FastClassNotFoundException=<bool> to enable or
disable the feature.

This reverts commit d399f579cf2a8462ef6f1fbea360fe62be174377.

Bug: 130310316
Bug: 130293184
Bug: 130209120
Test: test-art-host
Test: art/test/testrunner/ --host --no-prebuild -t 134
Change-Id: I059abce98fe876d89de35d099647ee673c27343b
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