x86 needs a bit more stack to handle stack overflows.

With the interpreter, 018-stack-overflow fails when being run
command line. Through make, we're not seeing any failure because
make gives a 2GB stack space. However, running run-test in the
shell, the stack space is 8MB, and the reserved space is not enough.

Change-Id: I0da12402cdfe5ad090f34c16aa6cb8d5fbc7a3ea
diff --git a/runtime/instruction_set.h b/runtime/instruction_set.h
index 6e10a4c..dce1c15 100644
--- a/runtime/instruction_set.h
+++ b/runtime/instruction_set.h
@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@
 // TODO: Bumped to workaround regression (http://b/14982147) Specifically to fix:
 // test-art-host-run-test-interpreter-018-stack-overflow
 // test-art-host-run-test-interpreter-107-int-math2
-static constexpr size_t kX86StackOverflowReservedBytes = 24 * KB;
+static constexpr size_t kX86StackOverflowReservedBytes = (kIsDebugBuild ? 32 : 24) * KB;
 static constexpr size_t kX86_64StackOverflowReservedBytes = 32 * KB;
 static constexpr size_t GetStackOverflowReservedBytes(InstructionSet isa) {