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* Copyright (C) 2012 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "asm_support_arm.S"
.cfi_sections .debug_frame
* Portable invocation stub.
* On entry:
* r0 = method pointer
* r1 = argument array or NULL for no argument methods
* r2 = size of argument array in bytes
* r3 = (managed) thread pointer
* [sp] = JValue* result
* [sp + 4] = result type char
ENTRY art_portable_invoke_stub
push {r0, r4, r5, r9, r11, lr} @ spill regs
.save {r0, r4, r5, r9, r11, lr}
.pad #24
.cfi_adjust_cfa_offset 24
.cfi_rel_offset r0, 0
.cfi_rel_offset r4, 4
.cfi_rel_offset r5, 8
.cfi_rel_offset r9, 12
.cfi_rel_offset r11, 16
.cfi_rel_offset lr, 20
mov r11, sp @ save the stack pointer
.cfi_def_cfa_register r11
mov r9, r3 @ move managed thread pointer into r9
mov r4, #SUSPEND_CHECK_INTERVAL @ reset r4 to suspend check interval
add r5, r2, #16 @ create space for method pointer in frame
and r5, #0xFFFFFFF0 @ align frame size to 16 bytes
sub sp, r5 @ reserve stack space for argument array
add r0, sp, #4 @ pass stack pointer + method ptr as dest for memcpy
bl memcpy @ memcpy (dest, src, bytes)
ldr r0, [r11] @ restore method*
ldr r1, [sp, #4] @ copy arg value for r1
ldr r2, [sp, #8] @ copy arg value for r2
ldr r3, [sp, #12] @ copy arg value for r3
mov ip, #0 @ set ip to 0
str ip, [sp] @ store NULL for method* at bottom of frame
add sp, #16 @ first 4 args are not passed on stack for portable
ldr ip, [r0, #METHOD_CODE_OFFSET] @ get pointer to the code
blx ip @ call the method
mov sp, r11 @ restore the stack pointer
ldr ip, [sp, #24] @ load the result pointer
strd r0, [ip] @ store r0/r1 into result pointer
pop {r0, r4, r5, r9, r11, lr} @ restore spill regs
.cfi_adjust_cfa_offset -24
bx lr
END art_portable_invoke_stub
.extern artPortableProxyInvokeHandler
ENTRY art_portable_proxy_invoke_handler
@ Fake callee save ref and args frame set up, note portable doesn't use callee save frames.
@ TODO: just save the registers that are needed in artPortableProxyInvokeHandler.
push {r1-r3, r5-r8, r10-r11, lr} @ 10 words of callee saves
.save {r1-r3, r5-r8, r10-r11, lr}
.cfi_adjust_cfa_offset 40
.cfi_rel_offset r1, 0
.cfi_rel_offset r2, 4
.cfi_rel_offset r3, 8
.cfi_rel_offset r5, 12
.cfi_rel_offset r6, 16
.cfi_rel_offset r7, 20
.cfi_rel_offset r8, 24
.cfi_rel_offset r10, 28
.cfi_rel_offset r11, 32
.cfi_rel_offset lr, 36
sub sp, #8 @ 2 words of space, bottom word will hold Method*
.pad #8
.cfi_adjust_cfa_offset 8
@ Begin argument set up.
str r0, [sp, #0] @ place proxy method at bottom of frame
mov r2, r9 @ pass Thread::Current
mov r3, sp @ pass SP
blx artPortableProxyInvokeHandler @ (Method* proxy method, receiver, Thread*, SP)
ldr r12, [r9, #THREAD_EXCEPTION_OFFSET] @ load Thread::Current()->exception_
ldr lr, [sp, #44] @ restore lr
add sp, #48 @ pop frame
.cfi_adjust_cfa_offset -48
bx lr @ return
END art_portable_proxy_invoke_handler
UNIMPLEMENTED art_portable_resolution_trampoline
UNIMPLEMENTED art_portable_to_interpreter_bridge